Sire: +JDH ASTRO MANSO 518/4


ABBA #: 941977

BW: 68 lbs

Moreno Ms. Lady Rise 50/1 is the result of one of the most proven matings that we could create. She is the daughter of +LB Lady Violet Manso the 2015 International Champion, dam to the 2017 Reserve International Champion Female, and one of the most proven dams to ever exist at Moreno Ranches. The sire to Lady Rise is +JDH Astro Manso who was the 2009 Reserve International Champion but more importantly the sire of a National Champion and Reserve International Champion Bull and a National & International Champion Gt of Sire. The crossing of +Astro on +Elmo has worked repeatedly and is the same cross that created our herd sire Moreno Mr. Ronco. Based on her proven pedigree and superior growth indicators we will utilize Moreno Ms. Lady Rise extensively in our donor program.