ABBA #: 956679

BW: 55 lbs

Several years ago we saw an interest in Polled Brahman cattle. We purchased a small group of cows and have continued to breed some cattle for this market. One of our exciting polled/scurred donors is Moreno Ms. Lady Roffa (P) 356/1. Among the many impressive things about this donor is her first calf was a successful show bull indicating her producing ability. This should not come as a surprise as her dam is one of our most productive donors, +Moreno Ms. Aspe. The sire to Lady Roffa is the successful Australian polled bull, Three D Platinum, who we purchased one of the limited semen packages on. When you consider that we took one of the top polled bulls in the world and crossed him with one of our most productive donors you have to be impressed. To further add value to this impressive female she ranks in the top of the breed for the essential traits of BW, WW, YW, and Milk.