21st Ms TNT 201

Here is a proven donor of extreme power and prominence. She has proven her worth for Moreno Ranches as she has produced such greats as Moreno Ms. Lady Rolls Royce 404. She was a top selling lot at $20,250, selling to Lanier Brahmans of Okeechobee, FL in the ’14 Moreno Ranches All American Sale. Another daughter was Moreno Ms. Lady Robekah 220, a top red Brahman heifer that is now headlining Finca El Pabellon from Peten, Guatamala, S.A.


(+)JDH Madison De Manso

(=)JDH Prescot Manso

+JDH Lady Nel Manso

SIRE: JDH Sir Leopol Manso

+TTT Mr. Suva Crata 450

JDH Lady SUV Manso

JDH Lady Rem Manso 225


DDR Gold Millionair

ST Mr TNT 175

ST Miss TNT 149

DAM: ST Miss TNT 375

HK Mr. America 239/1

ST Miss TNT 91

Miss CF Princsss 15

Fall 2014 EPDs

BW Maternal Birth Weight Weaning Weight Yearling Weight Milk Carc Wt. Fat REA Marbling Product Retail % Tenderness
-0.2 +1.7 > +14.8 +23.5 +3.8 +7.5 +0.011 +0.07 +0.01 +0.04 +0.22