BB LP Wham Bam 913

Here is a half sister to the 2009 National Champion female, BB LP Enchanted Moment 910. She was unbeatable when she was being shown and was recognized as one of the great show females to ever exist. BB LP Wham Bam 913 is extreme in her heaviness of bone, foot size and has a world of rib shape and capacity.


Mr. 3x Red Dynasty 75

+HK Passport

HK Millionairis 359/2

SIRE: +Mr Winchester Magnum 999

+HK Mr. America 435/2

5M Miss Magnum Molly

+Miss V* 423/4


+MR 3x Maxmillion-Aire56

SRS Mr. Red Max 525

FDC Miss 2 Suville 19

DAM: +SRS Ms Camino 811

+SRS Red Stroke 522

SRS Ms Deja Vu 630

+Miss 5m American Rose

Fall 2014 EPDs

BW Maternal Birth Weight Weaning Weight Yearling Weight Milk Carc Wt. Fat REA Marbling Product Retail % Tenderness
-0.4 +2.2 > +19.6 +31.2 +5.8 +9.4 +0.001 -0.09 0.00 -0.04 +0.21