Miss B-F 201/9

Miss B-F 201/9, one of the finest daughters of 314, was a private treaty purchase from Bennett Farms in Louisiana and Broadhead Farms in Mississippi. 201/9 is a prolific donor that continues to amaze us with her producing ability. She is a very fertile female that has the brood cow look to her with the femininity that we all can appreciate. She has 16 progeny registered in the ABBA, Colombia and Venezuela. She is one of the lead donors in the aggressive transplant program at Moreno Ranches. Her first natural calf is Moreno Ms. Spanish Olive 116, one of the most prominent Gray show heifers for Moreno Ranches. She has won multiple junior championship divisions and continues to impress the many that have seen her. Her latest accomplishment was producing the top herd sire Moreno Mr. The Profit 265. He was a top seller and is owned in partnership with Schneider Brahmans of Boerne, Texas.


+Mr. V8 900/4

+BNA The Deacon Manso523

+Miss V8 423/4

SIRE: +Mr KC Justice Manso 847

+JDH Sir Liberty Manso

+JDH Miss Aida Manso

JDH Miss Fausto Manso


MSP Mr. Mulhim Manso 387

MSP Mr. Mulhim Manso 594

=MSP Lady Dubo Manso 354

DAM: +-GS Mulhim Manso 314

+-GS Emperor Didor 135

+-GS Missy Didor 277

+-GS Empress Didor 54

Fall 2014 EPDs

BW Maternal Birth Weight Weaning Weight Yearling Weight Milk Carc Wt. Fat REA Marbling Product Retail % Tenderness
0.0 +1.3 > +13.1 +21.6 +6.5 +8.9 +0.005 +0.03 0.00 -0.05 +0.13