TJF Miss Carley 112/7

TJF Miss Carley 112/7 is the famed Dottie female and in her time was a very successful show female. She was named the 2008 World Brahman Congress calf champion, the 2008 San Antonio calf champion, 2008 International calf champion, the 2009 National Show junior champion and the 2009 San Antonio junior calf champion female. She was extremely successful as a young show female and has now gone on to produce some of the very finest at Moreno Ranches.


Mr. 3x Red Dynasty 75

+HK Passport

HK Millionairis 359/2

SIRE: +Mr Winchester Magnum 999

+HK Mr. America 435/2

+5m Miss Magnum Molly

+Miss V8 423/4


+Mr. T.D. West 270

JJ West Didor 435

JJ Ms Cuatro Didor 765

DAM: +Ms Jr Red Lotto

+TTT Mr. Texas Lotto 670

+KR Ms America

Miss Circle A 921

Fall 2014 EPDs

BW Maternal Birth Weight Weaning Weight Yearling Weight Milk Carc Wt. Fat REA Marbling Product Retail % Tenderness
0.0 +3.9 > +21.8 +34.5 +8.7 +15.4 -0.004 -0.04 -0.01 -0.06 +0.12