MORENO MR. RIQUI 47/1 – Three Units Female Sexed Semen


3 in stock


3 in stock



Sire: +MR. V8 380/6


One of the things that we pride ourselves in at Moreno Ranches is creating functional cattle that rank high in their ability to be fertile throughout their lifetime. Moreno Mr. Riqui 47/1 not only was the 2021 National Brahman Show Reserve Junior Champion but also is a bull that offers one of the hottest set of numbers across the board in his semen quality and ability to produce hot semen. With a tremendous scrotal circumference, a big top line, and a lot of mass and volume in his design, he too brings to the table an outcross pedigree, combining the iconic sires 380/6, Elmo, and Passport all in one pedigree. +Mr. V8 380/6 is a bull that needs no introduction to Brahman enthusiasts, as his impact worldwide has been proven time and time again. He is a performance Brahman bull who still maintains style. He is heavy muscled, very attractive, totally balanced in his phenotype, expresses massive breed character, and most importantly — is totally athletic and structurally correct from every angle. 380/6 ranks in the top 1% for WW, top 1% for YW, and top 3% for marbling and is the sire of numerous champions, high sellers, donor females and herd bulls worldwide. Riqui 47/1 is out of 2017 ABBA Show Cow of the Year, +Moreno Ms. Lady Rumbera 710. Rumbera is one of our most influential donors due to her popularity from her superior show ring success and most importantly due to her producing ability. After her successful show career we have created over 60 registered offspring from her with many of them being show winners and high sellers through our sales.

EXCLUSIVE SEMEN TERMS- Semen is to be used for the buyer’s in-herd use, and not to be later re-sold, traded, transferred or donated to third parties. “In Herd Use” means it is to be used by the buyer and his/her immediate family. It is not to be used on partnership animals. Buyer receives one complimentary AI certificates per unit. Certificates will be released to the name of the official buyer listed on the sale information. AI Certificate Request Form on needs to be filled out by buyer and then certificates will be released. Certificates are not transferable to other individuals, nor can they be re-sold, traded or donated.

SEMEN GUARANTEE- All semen was collected under and meets the standards and quality of Certified Semen Services (CSS). 1 Certificate Per Unit Included; Additional certs $250 each

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