CUBA, 1819

The Moreno family roots begin in early Spain and their genealogy can be traced as far back as 1100 A.D. Their family name descended from the Roman warrior Lucio Mureno, who later settled in Spain and changed his last name to Moreno. During the 1800s, like many restless European settlers, the Moreno family placed their hopes and dreams on Cuba.

The Moreno family has been perfecting the art of raising cattle since 1819.

Enamored with the culture and tradition of their new homeland, they were quickly able to cultivate a passion for the agriculture industry. The family invested hard work into thriving cattle divisions at Moreno Ranches. Three generations of cattlemen and women rose from this Cuban paradise. Despite already having a well-developed cultivation of Moreno cattle and a niche for themselves in old Cuba, harsh political and extreme conditions kept the family from expanding their states.

America was the land of opportunity and Florida was the landing spot for the Moreno legacy to continue.


The Moreno family had always respected and admired the American agriculture industry. Inspired by the American Dream and the opportunities they knew would result from their value of discipline, ambition, and hard work, they set their eyes and hearts on the United States. The Moreno family longed to bring a piece of themselves and their accomplishments to the Americas, and the best way to reach this goal was by setting up house—and farm—in Florida. In 1992, the family moved their enterprise to the neighboring United States, settling in Miami, Florida. With a vast American cattle ranching network, success, and opportunity within reach, the fourth generation of cattle ranchers found a perfect fit and new home for the family enterprises.

In Florida, the Moreno family found a growing, family-driven industry that shared many of their own core values and beliefs regarding cattle management using the latest technologies. The fifth generation of the Moreno family relates their road to success to the fabled old roads in American literature: off the beaten path, they paved their own road through the tangled woods, and as a result of vision and hard work their dreams became a reality.

The Moreno’s have always had a love for Brahman cattle and continue to pass the tradition on.

TEXAS, 2017

When opportunity came knocking, the Moreno family did what they do best by following heart and instinct to the great state of Texas. In the countryside of Riesel, just outside of Waco, the next chapter of Moreno Ranches is unfolding as it becomes the new home to the Moreno’s Brahman cattle and facilities.

Much has changed since Old Cuba for the Moreno family. Whereas eighteenth century cattle ranchers braved the elements, carved their settlements from wilderness, and lived in isolation from other families, cattle ranching today involves a growing, dynamic network of people whose families date back to its inception. Today, the Moreno family has a grand vision for the future of the American cattle industry that stems from the basic work ethic, traditions, and disciplines of their first Cuban generations.

Currently, Moreno Ranches runs registered seedstock Brahman cattle and cow/calf operations in both Venus, Florida, and Riesel, Texas. Moreno Ranches and its divisions are accredited by the American Brahman Breeders Association and the American Embryo Transfer Association. Over the past 10 years, the Morenos have focused the ranch on artificial insemination and embryo transfer research, while becoming a premier distributor of superior beef genetics to various businesses and private cattle ranches around the world. For the past five years, the Moreno’s brand has competed in the Brahman Cattle Show circuit, gaining respect and prestige on a local and national level. In addition, Moreno Ranches specializes in cattle brokerage and consulting services. If you have questions about our Brahman cattle for sale in Texas, you can contact us here.