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We take pride in all of our production. We would love to share our family’s cattle traditions, so we welcome you and your family to visit with us and experience Moreno genetics at its best. Please feel free to schedule a visit with us to our Ranch in Texas, and/or order our cattle catalog.

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Map to our Frost, Texas Ranch

Moreno Ranches: Brahman Cattle for Sale in Texas

Brahman Cattle for Sale TexasMoreno Ranches is a top producer of Brahman cattle for sale not only in Texas but throughout the United States. Customers come to us for genetically superior Brahman bulls for sale in Texas as well as for Brahman semen (seed stock) or Brahman embryos. We produce both Brahman heifers and calves for sale for our Texas customers, including for use as show cattle or to produce Brahman F1 hybrids. A new focus for us is polled Brahman cattle. Use this website to browse our stock, or reach out to us for a friendly phone call. We are your trusted source of Texas Brahman cattle for sale. Visit our Texas ranch at 1438 Shield Rd, Frost, Texas 76641 or call 903-654-8076?.

Texas Facts

After the Republic of Texas was annexed to the United States in late 1845, Texans had high hopes that the federal government would do what the impoverished Republic had been unable to do: subdue the aggressive Indian tribes on the new state’s western frontier and open the vast emptiness of West Texas to safe Anglo settlement. Instead, the annexation of Texas soon precipitated the Mexican War, which kept the United States Army preoccupied with events south of the Rio Grande until 1849… Then… Ten years ago an automobile was a curiosity in the leading cities of Texas. Five years ago the people in many counties had never seen what was then known as the horseless carriage. Today it is estimated that the number of automobiles in actual service in Texas will reach nearly 30,000 and that over $40,000,000 is invested in the machines… Source: