Brahman Juniors - Breedback ProgramIf a Junior exhibitor buys a Brahman heifer from Moreno Ranches, we are committed to assisting the Junior in breeding the heifer when she is of age. This is for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we want to grow interest in Brahman cattle breeding among the next generation.  Knowledge is something that is not learned from books; it is experienced, especially when it comes to the cattle industry. So we are committed to helping Brahman Juniors continue, and build on the knowledge, of Brahman breeding techniques including wise husbandry of registered Brahman show heifers during their show careers.

Registered Brahman show heifers purchased from us and subject to our terms and conditions, can be brought back to Moreno Ranches, and we will artificially inseminate or naturally breed the heifer to one of our quality Brahman herd sires at no cost to the Junior.  Cattle must be insured in order to qualify for this program. In short, if a Junior buys a Brahman heifer from Moreno Ranches, we are committed to assisting that junior in breeding the heifer when she comes of age.

Two Benefits for Juniors of the Brahman Breed Back at Moreno Ranches

In addition to breeding the Junior exhibitor’s Brahman show heifer at no cost, the second benefit is an educational experience for the Junior as well. We want Juniors to not only participate in the Brahman show cattle circuit, but also to understand the process of cattle reproduction.

Brahman Juniors - Breedback Program, PhotoOur program is designed to help the next generation of cattlemen to place their focus on Brahman heifers, so at the same time they are gaining the experience of showmanship of Brahman cattle, and they can also start to develop their own purebred Brahman herd. Fertility is a big focus for us, and our Brahman cattle are expected to be sound reproductive cattle.

Enrollment of Juniors in the Brahman Breed Back Program

To enroll in our Brahman breed back program, any customer must contact us at time of sale and get the necessary paperwork. Producers must enroll within a 120 day window of when they want their heifers pregnant, and Moreno Ranches will put forth our best effort to breed all females within 180 days. (Note: terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, so please contact us for specific details).

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Why Buy Your First Registered Brahman Show Heifer from Moreno Ranches?

Moreno Ranches offers the best reproductive guarantee of any Brahman seed stock producer in the country. Our purebred and replacement Brahman heifers are fully backed by our fertility policy. Our Brahman females will be sound breeders!