Sire: JDH MR. MANSO 362/1


ABBA #: 892664

BW: 110 lbs

This powerfully built sire is one that is used in the Moreno Ranches program for a lot of reasons. He is an extremely versatile sire that has been used in our red and grey herds to sire show animals and top quality replacements alike. 174/0 offers an outcross pedigree to many of today’s popular bloodlines and combines the performance oriented genetics of JDH Mr. Manso 362/1 with the foundation J.D. Hudgins donor =JDH Lady Swatter Manso. As a result of his outstanding parental influence 174/0 ranks in the top 1/3 of the breed for Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight, Hot Carcass Weight, and Ribeye Area.