Sire: JDH MR. TODD MANSO 555/1


ABBA #: 924680

BW: 77 lbs

JDH Mr. Manso 734/6 is our most performance oriented sire that we purchased from J.D. Hudgins-J.Forgason Division. 734/6’s pedigree contains some of the most performance and maternally oriented animals in the breed with (=)JDH Westin, JDH Bertram and two of J.D. Hudgins top donors JDH Miss Clova Manso (dam of JDH Dixon) and JDH Lady Manso 376/9 (dam of JDH Sterling). As you might expect with such a power packed pedigree, 734/6 ranks in the top 25% of the breed for the growth traits, REA and Marbling. Not only does the offspring of JDH Mr. Manso 734/6 come “performance packed” but they are built right as they are moderate framed, deep ribbed, big boned and heavy muscled with many of them making our show string.