Sire: +TJF MR. SMOKIN GUN 109/7


ABBA #: 954963

BW: 86 lbs

LB Mr. Smokin Abe 3 without a doubt comes from some of the most versatile genetics in the breed today. He is sired by +TJF Mr. Smokin Gun 109/7, the legendary sire and many-time champion bull who is continuing to produce winning genetics throughout the world. +TJF Mr. Smokin Gun 109/7 sired three of the four division winners at the 2015 International Show, including the Grand Champion Red Bull and sired the 2016 Reserve National Champion Female and the 2017 Reserve National Champion Female. Talk about a proven track record here, folks! LB Mr. Smokin Abe 3’s dam is JDH Lady Brenna Manso 444/3, a foundation donor female that offers a truly royal pedigree. She is versatile when it comes to producing both red and grey Brahman offspring. LB Mr. Smokin Abe 3 is one of the most dynamic sires the Brahman breed has seen- not only from a functionality standpoint, but from both phenotypic and genotypic standpoints. He has the look, the power and the natural muscle shape to create phenomenal individuals all while making them sound and efficient. A true powerhouse!