ABBA #: 888163

BW: 78 lbs

The Flagship Donor of Moreno Ranches!!!! What else needs to be said? If you follow our grey program you know the influence that +Miss B-F 201/9 has played. She was a many time champion in her earlier years but her claim to fame is the close to 100 registered offspring that have impacted herds in the USA, Colombia, Venezuela, and several Asian countries. As a result of 201/9’s superior production of countless show winners she easily entered the ABBA Register of Renown and ranks among the top grey dams. In addition to her progeny winning numerous shows they have impacted a number of herds which resulted in us now having retained 5 generations of her genetics. The sire of 201/9 is +KC Justice that has been a proven sire for us and 36 other breeders in the United States. The real difference maker in this pedigree is +–GS Ms. Mulhim Manso 314 that is the matriarch of our program with over 70 red and grey progeny registered. A book could be written about the success and influence that 201/9 has and will continue to play in our program!