Sire: JDH MR. MANSO 734/6


ABBA #: 960720

BW: 78 lbs

Moreno Mr. Rebo 689 is one of our most exciting sires. Some will appreciate the show ring success of this young bull while others will fall in love with his pedigree and performance profile. No matter where you place your emphasis we think Rebo offers as much potential to the red Brahman breed as any. He is sired by our performance leading sire JDH Mr. Manso 734/6. His dam is our first National Champion, flagship cow, and Register of Renown +Moreno Ms. Lady Reba. For those who are looking to add performance to their cattle Rebo charts positive for ALL of the economical traits of growth, milk, and carcass. We plan to use this bull heavy to produce some outcross pedigrees and enhance our performance profiles.