Sire: +TJF MR. SMOKIN GUN 109/7


ABBA #: 977836

BW: 70 lbs

You can’t build a better pedigree than what Moreno Mr. Regun 745 offers. We have been excited about this bull since he was born and have enjoyed watching him continue to be appreciated by judges and fellow breeders alike. The sire of Regun is +TJF Smoking Gun who has become one of the most popular sires in the breed due to the performance of his offspring. The dam to Regun is our famous foundation female +Moreno Ms. Lady Reba who was a National & International Champion which led her to the ABBA Show Cow of the Year recognition. View the pedigree of Regun and you will quickly see that outside of him all of his pedigree will be marked with a + indicating that they reached the Register of Renown. We think with the pedigree, phenotype, and performance that Regun offers his future is bright.