Sire: +TJF MR. SMOKIN GUN 109/7

Dam: +MISS B-F 201/9

ABBA #: 1024434

BW: 72 lbs

In the world of Brahman cattle breeding, pedigree plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the breed. One bull, in particular, stands out not only for his individual achievements but also for the profound lineage he hails from. This bull is none other than MORENO MR. ROMEO O ROMEO 75/1, fondly referred to as Romeo. Romeo's sire, +TJF Mr. Smokin Gun 109/7, is a force to be reckoned with in the Brahman breed. He's not just any sire, but a figurehead that has had a colossal influence on the Red Brahman breed across the globe. Smokin Gun is renowned for his impressive strength, a trait that is unmistakably evident in his progeny. His offspring, including Romeo, reflect Smokin Gun's formidable frame, power, and unparalleled elegance. In essence, Smokin Gun's contribution to the Brahman breed has been nothing short of transformative.

However, the allure of Romeo's genetics isn't restricted solely to his sire's side. On the maternal front, he inherits an equally captivating legacy. His dam, +Miss B-F 201/9, is nothing short of a Brahman queen in the pastures of Moreno Ranches. Beyond her multiple show victories, what's truly remarkable about her is her consistency in production. Her lineage, featuring stalwarts like +Mr. KC Justice Manso and the prolific +–GS 314, offers a deep dive into Brahman excellence. These notable figures in her pedigree have left an indelible mark in the Brahman breed, further amplifying Romeo's inherent genetic value.

Romeo's individual accomplishments also deserve special mention. At the 2021 Florida State Fair, he clinched the title of Reserve Calf Champion Red Bull during the ABBA Open Show. Not stopping there, he went on to secure the Calf Champion Red Bull title at the same fair's Junior Show. These accolades are a testament to the prowess and potential he embodies.

To conclude, MORENO MR. ROMEO O ROMEO 75/1 is not just another Brahman bull. He is a symphony of two extraordinary Brahman legacies, representing the pinnacle of breeding brilliance. Both his sire and dam contribute to his illustrious genetics, making him a beacon of excellence. Through Romeo, Moreno Ranches reaffirms its unwavering commitment to enhancing the Brahman breed, echoing its motto of #BrahmanExcellence and #MorenoLegacy.