Sire: +TJF MR. SMOKIN GUN 109/7


ABBA #: 1047646

BW: 73 lbs

Moreno Mr. Ruki 233/1 is a distinguished Brahman bull, showcasing the exceptional genetic pedigree of his parents. His sire, +TJF Mr. Smokin Gun 109/7, is renowned for robust physical traits and breeding excellence. Smokin Gun's pedigree has enriched the Brahman breed with enhanced muscle structure, resilience, and overall vitality. These qualities underscore his value as a leading figure in Brahman genetics. His dam, +LB Lady Violet Manso 576/4, complements this superior pedigree with her own exemplary traits. Lady Violet is known for her strong maternal instincts and physical attributes conducive to successful breeding. Her pedigree has been pivotal in producing offspring that exhibit balanced conformation and desirable breed characteristics. Inheriting this rich genetic heritage, Moreno Mr. Ruki 233/1 stands as a testament to the best qualities of the Brahman breed. He embodies the strength and resilience from his sire and the nurturing, balanced traits from his dam, making him an ideal representative for both breeding and showcasing the enduring excellence of the Brahman breed.