ABBA #: 1024407

BW: 65 lbs

Moreno Mr. Ryfinn 137/1 is a Junior Red Herd Sire for Moreno Ranches that offers dark cherry red pigmentation with a combination of muscle and balance that we like to breed in our Mcheck cattle. Ryfinn can be used to clean navels and add strong top line and pigmentation. Ryfinn is a maternal outcross pedigree, being sired by Moreno Mr. Richie Rich 465. Richie Rich is a former show bull is sired by the National Champion and global icon +JDH Mr. Elmo Manso. His dam is a daughter of +HK Passport and a Register of Renown dam. Not only does Ryfinn's sire come in a growthy, big boned package with great length and eye appeal but he charts at the top of the breed for his growth figures. Ryfinn is out of National Calf Champion Dam, Moreno Ms. Lady Roly 424/1. Lady Roly was one of our top show heifers during her era. Everyone who sees this female immediately comments on how deep ribbed she is and how they love her dark red color. Lady Roly  is sired by +Mr. 3H X-Ray 825 who has been one of the most influential sires in the breed over the past 20 years with close to 500 registered progeny. The dam to Lady Roly is +MR Miss Treinta 228 who was one of our most influential dams with over 30 red & grey progeny to include multiple show winners, donor dams, and herd sires. We have aggressively produced offspring out of Moreno Ms. Lady Roly 424/1 with a number of the breed’s top sires. Due to her superior embryo production, we had 11 live calves the first year with several of them topping our sales.