Dam: +MISS B-F 201/9

ABBA #: 981270

BW: 60 lbs

Moreno Ms. Lady Beatrice 954/1 was a common name around the show arena during her career. She was a part of the first group of calves that resulted from crossing the two-time ABBA Show Bull of the Year TTT Suva Bob Manso 786/3 with our flagship donor +Miss B-F 201/9. This mating worked well for us and those who purchased offspring from the mating. In fact it worked so well that the first year they were shown at the International Show this cross won both the Calf & Reserve Calf Champion spots. It should also be noted that this mating helped 201/9 win numerous ET Produce of Dam Championships. We are really excited about this mating due to the impressive build that it produces as all of the calves are big structured, deep ribbed, super eye appealing and dark pigmented. From a breeding standpoint the pedigrees of these animals combine some of the most proven genetics in the breed and their performance indicators are balanced for Growth, Milk and Carcass. We expect big things from Moreno Ms. Lady Beatrice 954/1.