Dam: +MISS B-F 201/9

ABBA #: 945935

BW: 80 lbs

Moreno Ms. Lady Gorda 190/1 was a many time champion for Rebel Ranch Brahmans. Although she did her share of winning it is her production that gives her the ultimate value. This elite female calved first at 34 months of age and BOTH of her natural offspring have been show animals with multiple wins. The producing ability of Lady Gorda should not come as a surprise as she is a daughter of +Miss B-F 201/9 who is our flagship donor due to her superior fertility and offspring popularity. The sire to Lady Gorda is JDH Goudeau Manso 174/0 who was one of the foundation herd sires that we selected from J.D. Hudgins, Inc. due to his superior growth and eye appeal. As a result of the superior genetics that back Lady Gorda she ranks in the top of the breed for Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight, Milk, and Ribeye Area.