Sire: +MR. V8 777/4

Dam: +MISS B-F 201/9

ABBA #: 921764

BW: 67 lbs

+Moreno Ms. Lady Presumida 376 would be considered by many as the best grey female to ever be branded with the M Check. Although she was a former show heifer for the ranch with an impressive record it is her production that has ranked her at the top of the list for fame. She has currently produced over 75 progeny with many of these being show winners, which helped her reach the ABBA Register of Renown, as well as a number of influential offspring that are impacting programs around the globe. The success of Presumida should come as no surprise as she is the product of our most influencial cow family on the ranch that originated with her granddam +-GS Ms. Mulhim Manso 314 and then her dam +Miss B-F 201/9 who combined have produced over 155 progeny that can be found in over 50 herds in the USA, Central America, and Asia. The sire to Presumida is +Mr. V8 777/4 “Powerstroke” who was the 1997 International Reserve Grand Champion and sired the 2001 International Champion Get-of-Sire, the 2002 International Champion Female, numerous champions around the world including the Champion Bull at the 2006 World Brahman Congress as well as over 20 donor females for V8 Ranch and many others. There is no question that the production and pedigree of Presumida is her strong suit but it should also be noted that she ranks in the top of the breed for Growth, Milk & Ribeye Area making her an ALL AROUND female. We were blessed to be able to raise and use Presumida and now her three generations of offspring to impact our program. +Moreno Ms. Lady Presumida 376 will forever be an icon at Moreno Ranches!