Dam: MISS B-F 139/9

ABBA #: 943390

BW: 69 lbs

Moreno Ms. Lady Rebella 118/1 is the epitome of femininity. You have to appreciate the extension of her neck, her length of body, levelness, and body design of this female. She is out of a full sister the the #1 Register of Renown Cow +CT Lady Rhineaux Ray 8/9. You can see many of the similarities of 139/9 and 8/9 in Rebella. To further compliment this already impressive pedigree is her sire JDH Sir Stratton Manso 823/4. We purchased a USA exclusive on Stratton due to his moderation of frame, depth of rib, muscle, great breed character and outstanding pedigree. Stratton is sired by the National Champion +JDH Mr. Elmo Manso and out of the great +JDH Lady Sandy Manso who is the dam to 8 proven herd sires and +JDH Lady Miffany Manso. We think that we have assembled one of the top genetic combinations in the breed and look forward to seeing the continued success of Moreno Ms. Lay Rebella’s progeny.