Sire: +TJF MR. SMOKIN GUN 109/7


ABBA #: 995521

BW: 70 lbs

2020 International Champion Female!!! The thrill of breeding, raising, and showing an International Champion is one that cannot be described. We were fortunate in 2020 for Moreno Ms. Lady Reesess 328/2 to be named the International Champion as a calf. We always loved this female due to her outstanding phenotype that is heavy structured, deep ribbed, long, level, well balanced and all in a feminine package. Although we appreciate her amazing build many breeders consider her pedigree to be her major strength. 382/2 is sired by +TJF Mr. Smokin Gun who has been one of the most popular sires of the past 5 years due to the success of his offspring in the show ring. As a result of the show ring success of the Smokin Gun offspring his genetics are in high demand and coupled with limited semen inventories his offspring are bringing record prices. The dam to Lady Reesess was one of our top donors that is sired by the National Champion +JDH Mr. Elmo Manso, calved first at 25 months of age, is a full sister to the B.R, Cutrer donor JDH Lady Elmo 412, and was the high selling lot in our 2018 Sale. We think based on her phenotype, show ring accolades, and pedigree that Moreno Ms. Lady Reesess 328/2 will be a breed influencing donor dam!