Dam: +MISS B-F 201/9

ABBA #: 950402

BW: 68 lbs

Moreno Ms. Light Nite 200/1 has gained great favoritism in our program due to her outstanding phenotype, fetility, and maternal traits. This superior production should not come as a surprise as she is a daughter of our leading donor +Miss B-F 201/9 who has produced close to 100 registered offspring. The sire to this elite female is Moreno Mr. Sir Athos who is the result of crossing the Reserve National & International Champion JDH Brett Manso with a daughter of the Vanguard Sire (+)JDH Copano Manso. As might be expected due to her maternally oriented pedigree Ms. Light Nite ranks in the top of the breed for Milk EPD. We have big expectations of this beautiful red tinged, super eye appealing, and ultra-feminine female.