ABBA #: 916393

BW: 87 lbs

+Mr. Fontenot 333 “Rufus” was the 2016 International Champion Red Bull. Not only does this sire have the show accolades but he has SIRE POWER! Rufus has done us and many others around the globe an outstanding job. His progeny have been some of our most winning show animals and as a result his Get of Sire was named as the 2019 National Champion in addition to a number of other wins. Not only have the progeny of Rufus done well in the United States but around the world especially in Central America and Thailand. The stout, growthy, beefy build of Rufus appeals to cattlemen but to further add value to him is his outcross pedigree that allows him to be able to be mated to many of the popular and foundation bloodlines in the breed. Mr. Fontenot 333 “Rufus” continues to impress us and will continue to be an influential sire.