(RIESEL, TX – July 20, 2021) In recent years, polled cattle have been an emerging trend in the Brahman cattle market. “Polled” refers to cattle that are naturally born without horns. There are many advantages to having polled cattle, including easier handling and increased safety to both cattle and humans. Additionally, polled Brahman have the look of being a more gentle, docile Brahman.

“Polled Brahman cattle in Texas have increased in popularity over the years,” according to Kelvin Moreno, the head of Moreno Ranches. “We are pleased with the success we have had using polled genetics in our herd and are excited to share this success with our customers.” 



As the market shifts toward polled Brahman, Morenos Ranches strives to continue genetically improving our cattle to match the expectation of buyers and continue the legacy of breeding predictable and trustworthy Brahman cattle. 

We continue elevating the quality of our Brahman cattle by breeding some to naturally be born polled. Moreno Mr. Polled Kyros 571 is one of Moreno Ranches’ top tier sires and a superior breeding bull for our polled Brahman and hybrid progeny.



He is structurally sound, moderately framed and provides an outcross pedigree to many of today’s popular polled lines. He has grabbed the attention of breeders across the United States and abroad, and his impact on the future of the polled Brahman breed will be significant to the future of polled gray Brahman. 

At Moreno Ranches, genetics is our speciality. Our goal is to provide genetically superior Brahman cattle to transform your herd or kickstart a Junior showing career. Brahman cattle genetics provide this unique breed the ability to withstand high-heat and humidity, fight against insects, and adapt and produce offspring in any condition they are in. Our Mcheck Brahman prove time after time how reliable our genetics are by producing champions, top show cattle, and purebred and hybrid Brahman that will take your herd to the next level. When it comes to polled Brahman, polled genes are dominant, and with the use of one of our sires, such as Moreno Mr. Polled Kyros 571, progressive breeders can gain access to Moreno Ranches’ proven genetics and all they have to offer in terms of performance and profit.



If you are interested in learning more about Moreno Mr. Polled Kyros 571, his seedstock, gray polled Brahman, or polled Brahman in general, feel free to contact Moreno Ranches at [email protected] or 863-444-8745.


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