January 29, 2015 – Venus, Florida

Moreno Ranches, a top producer of American Red Brahman & Gray Brahman cattle for sale, is proud to announce that an upcoming seriesRed and Grey Brahman Cattle of informational blog posts will cover the topic of American Red & Gray Brahman cattle, laying out the reasons that progressive ranchers and breeders have come to prefer the American breeds, both in the country and for export.

“The Brahman cattle industry does not stand still,” explains Kelvin Moreno, head of Moreno Ranches. “Smart cattlemen will not just rely on past practice. Due to our long-standing commitment to careful selective breeding here at Moreno Ranches, the landscape is shifting, in particular with regard to red & gray Brahman cattle. This information needs to be clearly articulated so those Brahman cattle breeders involved with Brahman cattle ranching can make the best-informed choices possible.”

Red or Gray? What’s Inside Matters Most (Superior Genetics)

The first thing that interested parties need to realize is that American Brahman cattle, rank #1 in hybrid vigor, due to careful selective breeding of the Bos indicus species. With the plethora of information available on the Internet, it is easy to be confused into thinking that any Brahman cattle will substitute for any other Brahman cattle. The purposes of this informative blog series is to clarify this devastating confusion, so that buyers know on a factual basis why American Red and Gray Brahmans are to be preferred on a for sale basis.

The superiority of American cattle is reflected in performance metrics such as weight gain and milk production, which are less impacted than for other breeds even in challenging conditions. Other beneficial factors include superior feeding efficiency, heat, insect and parasite tolerance, and longevity. The Brahman breed actually originated in the United States, and smart buyers have come to realize that going to high-quality, superior genetics is an investment in their future. Follow our blog https://morenoranches.wpengine.com/blog/ to get each “installment” of this series, but interested parties can start of by visiting: https://morenoranches.wpengine.com/gray-brahman-cattle-for-sale/ and https://morenoranches.wpengine.com/red-brahman-cattle-for-sale/.

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