November 24, 2015 – Venus, FL. Moreno Ranches is pleased to announce their 2nd annual “Cyber Monday” sale at the end of this month, on November 30th, 2015. The previous “Cyber Monday” sale was held in December 2014, and was Moreno Ranches’ first-ever such online sale. More than that, it was the first-ever such sale for the Brahman cattle industry as a whole. The success of this kind of an event, of course, is Brahman Cattlenot measured only in terms of the actual sales volume but in the forward-looking vision of the company. Having a successful sales events with Brahman cattle for sale online requires some extra thought and planning on our end, but is an innovation whose benefits flow to the customer, and that is how things should work.

Brahman Cattle For Sale Online: Customers are the Winners

Our ‘Cyber Monday’ program was a true experiment for the Brahman industry. It is not universally appreciated that ranching has become very high-tech. But it is a fact that you cannot survive in the industry today without adopting modern tools and techniques. Since initial Cyber Monday sale in 2014 was such a success that there was no hesitation in bringing it back as the “2nd annual” event. As last year, the offerings for sale at the end of November time will include Brahman bulls, heifers, and cattle generally, including both red Brahman and gray Brahman cattle. In addition to Brahman cattle for sale online, there will be ‘genetic’ products (embryos, semen) available as well.

This exceptional selection of sales offerings does not come at the expense of quality. To underscore the ranch’s confidence in the high-value genetics that these cattle embody, each will be backed by the M-check verification stamp. This allows buyers to have 100% confidence in the cattle’s registration and parentage.

Best of the Old, New & Best of the Brahman Breed

In the end, our commitment to superior Brahman pedigrees and some good old-fashioned Cyber Monday promotion is a winning combination for our customers, who get exceptional deals on Brahman cattle for sale online, and some of the breed’s finest genetics. We set aside a limited number of “first come, first served” opportunities to purchase Brahman frozen embryos and Brahman semen. All prices are fixed, not auction. We also used our special build your own embryos, with some of the top donors in the business. The program was particularly popular among parents of Brahman Juniors, as our superior genetics often result in prize-winning Brahman bulls and heifers at the many shows.

If you are interested in our Brahman Cattle for Sale Online, you can find out more about our operations by visiting our website.

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