When it comes to investing in future Brahman cattle breeders, there are few as dedicated as we are here at Moreno Ranches to Brahman Juniors.   Brahman Juniors are truly the future of the Brahman breed and we are committed to assisting them in any way possible.  We currently have three programs in place to help Juniors to be successful in the Brahman breed.  These include a junior Brahman scholarship program, a Brahman heifer breed back program, and a Registered Brahman Heifers Sell-Back Program.

An Example of the Brahman Sell-Back Program in Action

This program gives Juniors an opportunity to sell their Brahman heifer when they are 2-4 years old in our annual production sale. Brahman females that qualify for this program must be originally purchased from Moreno Ranches and shown by a Junior in the Junior show circuit. The Registered Brahman Heifers For Sale must be 2-4 years in age and must be safe in calf or have a calf at side at the time of sale. The sale management team must approve the consignment prior to the sale. Moreno Ranches will be responsible for all marketing. Standard commission fees will apply.

Brahman Sell Back Program - Registered Heifers for SaleShelby Hill, a Junior exhibitor who has taken advantage of the Registered Brahman Heifers Sell-Back Program, explains “The Sell-Back Program allowed me to generate a return on the investment I made in my show heifer during high school, and I was able to use the funds to towards my college education.” Our Sell-Back program is a great way to introduce Juniors to Brahman cattle breeding, using registered Brahman heifers and then as the heifers age out of the show process, to be able to sell them back.

The purpose of this program is to help Junior Brahman cattlemen and women promote Brahman females that they have purchased from us. Once the cattle have concluded their careers as Brahman show cattle, the owners can sell them back as productive Brahman cows. If a Junior member makes an investment in the M check brand registered Brahman Heifers, we are committed to assisting in any way possible. Many Junior exhibitors have limited space and budgets to show cattle during the trajectory of their show career; for this reason, we established this program to help Juniors sell Brahman females that have aged out of the show circuit.


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If you are interested in this program and/or our registered Brahman cattle for sale, please contact us for specific details. We’re happy to help!