Moreno Ranches, a top producer of Gray and Red Brahman bulls and Brahman heifers, is pleased to announce the final schedule for its upcoming Brahman Catalyst 3 cattle sale to be held at the ranch in Venus, Florida, on September 5, 2015. Interested cattlemen and cattlewomen are encouraged to attend in person as well as live Brahman Heifersvia the Internet, to view and bid on genetically superior red Brahman cattle, gray Brahman cattle, Brahman bulls and heifers, as well as semen (seed stock) and embryos.

“With the event just days away, we are ready for last-minute bookings as well as Internet participation in this important Brahman cattle event,” explained Kelvin Moreno, head of Moreno Ranches. “We invite interested parties to request a complimentary catalog, or contact the ranch for details on the Internet live-stream.”

To learn more about Moreno Ranches and to browse inventory, please visit our Brahman cattle webpage. One of the top-rated websites in the Brahman cattle industry.

Schedule of Events at one of Florida’s Top Brahman Cattle Shows

The ranch encourages attendees to take advantage of its ‘open house’ the day before the sale. Arrive September 4th and come by the ranch in the afternoon to examine Brahman cattle for sale at leisure. However, if that is not possible, viewing recommences the next morning at 9:00 a.m. The daily schedule of events is as follows:

Friday, September 4, 2015
All Afternoon Sale cattle available for viewing

Saturday, September 5, 2015
9:00 a.m. Sale cattle available for viewing
11:00 a.m. Melvin Moreno I Sale Facility Dedication
12:00 p.m. Complimentary Lunch
3:00 p.m. Moreno Ranches Catalyst 3 Sale

More on the Brahman Catalyst 3 Sale

Following on the great success of the first two Catalyst events, the Catalyst sale is becoming a annual marquee event in the Fall sales season. The ranch is excited to have the opportunity to showcase some of the finest Brahman genetics that have resulted from their industry leading embryo transplant program. This will include red and gray Brahman bulls as well as Brahman heifers. It is with great pride that the ranch is opening the facility to display the product of six generations of dedicated Brahman cattle breeding. What makes this year extra special is that the ranch will also be honoring the life and legacy of Melvin Moreno, who was a father, grandfather, and mentor to so many, as the ranch dedicates its world class sale facility in his name.

About Moreno Ranches

Moreno Ranches is a top producer of Brahman cattle for sale. To learn more about Moreno Ranches and their top-rated Brahman cattle for sale, please visit. Customers come to the ranch for genetically superior Brahman bulls for sale and Brahman semen (seed stock) as well as Brahman embryos. The ranch produces both Brahman heifers and calves for sale, including for use as show cattle or to produce Brahman F1 hybrids. Visit the ranch’s website to browse stock. The ranch is a trusted source of Brahman cattle whether a buyer is in Florida, Texas, or Louisiana – Latin America, or anywhere in the world.

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