Venus, Florida – October 7, 2016. Moreno Ranches, a leading producer of Brahman Bulls for sale, is pleased to announce its upcoming ‘Cyber Monday’ sale to be held online on November 28, 2016. The sale will feature not only Brahman bulls but other Brahman cattle, including Brahman semen and genetic products of interest to the cattle industry.

“The reality today is that buyers of Brahman cattle, including red and gray Brahman bulls, like to view the cattle online before viewing them in person,” commented Kelvin Moreno, head of Moreno Ranches. “We’re excited about our upcoming November sale as a way to showcase not only our Brahman bulls but other Brahman cattle, including genetic product of use in the Brahman industry such as semen and embryos for breeding purposes.”

To learn more about the sale, visit the website at and fill out the contact us form. More details of the sale will be announced closer to the November 28th date.

Brahman Bulls for Sale: the Beauty of Online

Ironically, cattlemen and cattlewomen who are interested in purchasing Brahman bulls, either of the red Brahman or gray Brahman variety, are as likely to go online as are persons looking to shop for Brahman Bulls for Salebooks on Amazon. In fact, because transportation is difficult, and travel expenses for buyers are not cheap either, the fact that Moreno Ranches is 100% committed to being the leading Brahman cattle ranch online is a huge advantage. Persons interested in the November Cyber Monday sale, for example, can literally go online today and browse available Brahman bulls at Prior to, or during the sale, they can express interest in any number of the award-winning bulls produced by Moreno Ranches. And, for those interested in genetic products, information on Brahman semen can be found at In this way, an online shopping experience can be used to identify a champion Brahman bull for breeding purposes, and the bull himself can be purchased and/or genetic products. The online world has its advantages, and Moreno Ranches is a leading producer in this area.

About Moreno Ranches

Moreno Ranches is a top producer of Brahman cattle for sale. Customers come to the company for genetically superior Brahman bulls for sale and Brahman semen (seed stock) as well as Brahman embryos. The company produces both Brahman heifers and calves for sale, including for use as show cattle or to produce Brahman F1 hybrids. Visit the company’s website to browse stock. The company is a trusted source of Brahman cattle whether a buyer is in Florida, Texas, or Louisiana – Latin America, or anywhere in the world.

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