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At Moreno Ranches, we believe in the future. Part of that future is superior genetics and the constant improvement of the Brahman cattle breed through sophisticated animal husbandry technology. Technology is part of that future, a passion for the Brahman breed is part of that future, and so are our youth. As such, we’d like to introduce one of our new international interns, Cristian López.

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Cristian López (Honduras) – 2021 International Intern

On November 7, 1998, Cristian López was born in Guarita, Lempira, Honduras. He is the sixth in a family of eight children. He is currently studying the last semester of his agronomic bachelor´s degree at the Zamorano Pan American Agricultural School in Honduras. His parents own a subsistence livestock farm that provides financial support for the family. Being originally from a rural community it was difficult for Cristian to access secondary and higher education studies, but thanks to his efforts and the support of his parents he was able to go to high school at a government institution focused on agriculture. There he developed an interest and a passion for agronomy and livestock with the objective of improving himself and applied to Zamorano University to achieve that passion. From a very young age, Cristian became involved in the activities of his family’s livestock business, and with his father, he developed empirical skills to work with cattle. Later, he reinforced those skills with the technical knowledge he acquired during his secondary and university studies.

Located in a rugged area with adverse weather conditions, his family farm is not very productive and does not generate enough income to provide for university studies for all of his siblings. Only two of them have managed to pursue a bachelor’s degree thanks to financial aid obtained on their own merits. Cristian will be the third member of the family to obtain his bachelor’s degree thanks to the financial support provided by external entities. Because of this support, Cristian is aware of the trust placed by his sponsors in him and he has strived to excel both academically and disciplinary in order to demonstrate the values ​​and professionalism that are the fundamental pillars of his alma mater. Cristian stands out from other students with his excellent personal skills and is recognized by his professors and colleagues. Once he graduates and is practicing his profession, Cristian would like to help his family financially so that his other siblings could also choose to fulfill their dreams.

When Cristian was at the International Livestock Congress event during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in 2020, he met the Moreno Ranches team and the Zamorano interns who were there. After listening to their experiences, their activities that were carried out, and the knowledge that they acquired, Cristian wanted to be a part of it and decided to apply to the Moreno Ranches internship program. Cristian has a passion for working in and learning about Brahman cattle management, and he will use this knowledge and his experiences in his professional life.

Now that he is an official intern at Moreno Ranches, Cristian López is excited about the experiences to come and to learn as much as he possibly can, confident that he will perform satisfactorily in the activities assigned to him.

Cristian’s Goals:

  • Learn the training methodology and the steps to follow in order to properly handle show cattle
  • Learn in detail the practical aspects of obtaining clones and transferring bovine embryos
  • Innovate the reproductive management practices that are carried out in Moreno Ranches, such as ovulation synchronization, insemination, management of recipients and donors


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