Brahman Cattle for Sale

Moreno Ranches Announces Brahman Cattle Sale Called the ’12 Days of Christmas’

Venus, Florida – December 13, 2017. Moreno Ranches, a top producer of Brahman cattle for sale, is proud to announce its annual 12 Days of Christmas online sales event was held December 1-13, 2017, from 9AM – 5PM (EST).  The holiday season is such a busy time and this on-line sale offers the convenience of shopping from home or office for Brahman cattle with no shopping lines and no traffic. 

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Brahman Heifers for Sale

Come by Moreno Ranches to Visit the Heifers First

Moreno Ranches strives to use the tools and techniques of the 21st century to promote the Brahman breed in every way possible. This includes having Brahman cattle for sale online. This is the rationale for our first-ever “12 Days of Christmas” online sale, which runs from Dec 13th to Dec 24th. The “12 days” are for previews of the heifers heifers which culminates in an on-line auction on the 24th, Christmas Eve.

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Brahman Heifers For Sale Online: Red and Gray are the New Christmas Colors at Moreno Ranches

We’re excited to announce the approaching major online sales event. In December, we are inaugurating a brand-new sales event, the “12 Days of Christmas” online sale. The event is Dec 13th to Dec 24th. The “12 days” are for previewing the heifers we have for sale, which culminates in an auction on the 24th, Christmas Eve.

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Brahman Heifers for Sale

A “Kodak Moment” with Dad, Mom, Kids, and a Brahman Heifer

We’re excited! We have inaugurating a brand-new sales event, the “12 Days of Christmas” online sale. The event runs from Dec 13th to Dec 24th. The “12 days” are for previewing the heifers we have for sale, which culminates in an auction on the 24th, Christmas Eve.

Everyone has a smartphone these days; therefore, everyone has a camera. So given the ease of shooting, people take pictures of the darndest things. Like their lunch. That’s just strange. And themselves, which is more understandable, but selfies are an epidemic! You know your kids are doing it; it’s got to stop. Here’s a thought. Give your kid something actually very photogenic to share on Instagram and Facebook: a lovely Brahman heifer. And since Amazon does not yet have them “in stock” (pardon the pun), consider getting that heifer from Moreno Ranches, as we also have all types of Brahman cattle for sale, including online during this “12 days” sales event.

33 - 744These not only look good, they are guaranteed to come of good stock. All the our Brahman cattle for sale at Moreno Ranches are backed by the the M-check verification program, a DNA-based stamp that confirms the cattle’s registration and parentage so you can rely on the blood-line we detail in the catalog.

Brahman Cattle For Sale: Details of the “12 Days of Christmas” Event

Please click “Get VIP Access” to enter your email to pre-register and gain insider access to the sale. This allows you to obtain the sales catalog which gives exclusive, full details about the Brahman cattle for sale (all heifers) offered in this sales event.

If you are a successful bidder, and purchase one (or take two, they’re small!) of the heifers, please note that we are offering free transportation of sale cattle to central locations in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Florida. Sorry, photo framing not available.

Brahman Cattle For Sale: Who Wouldn’t Want to Find a Brahman Heifer in Their Stocking?

Moreno Ranches is excited about our upcoming major online sales event: our “12 Days of Christmas” online sale, which will run from Dec 13th to Dec 24th. The “12 days” are for previewing the Brahman heifers we will have for sale at our on-line auction on the 24th, Christmas Eve. Let’s have a little tongue-in-cheek, holiday cheer here:

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Brahman Cattle Sales Join the 21st Century: Bidding Online

As a technology leader in the area of Brahman cattle ranching, you can count on Moreno Ranches to bring you the latest in animal husbandry technology advances. For example, see our upcoming M Check verification program that utilizes DNA testing to determine the exact parentage of a calf, so the buyer gets an unimpeachable family tree with his or her purchase at a Brahman cattle sale.

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TH15 IS IT: Junior Brahman Show Cattle Event

TH1S IS IT: Darren D. Henry

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Darren D. Henry

Ph.D Candidate

Darren D. Henry - Brahman Cattle Expert

Darren D. Henry grew up on a small cow/calf operation in east Texas. He left his home town of Porter, TX in 2006 to attend Texas A&M University, where he completed the requirements of a BS in Animal Science and Agricultural Leadership and Development. After completing his undergraduate course work, Darren chose to pursue a MS from the University of Florida in Animal Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Nicolas DiLorenzo. His MS research was focused on altering rumen fermentation to mitigate methane production and subsequently increase the efficiency of beef cattle. Darren graduated with his MS in December of 2013 and he is currently working with Dr. Nicolas DiLorenzo on his PhD in Animal Sciences, again attempting to alter the rumen micro-biome and fermentation to increase the efficiency of beef cattle production.

TH15 IS IT: Junior Brahman Show Cattle Event

TH1S IS IT: Vitor Mercadante

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Vitor Mercante

Ph.D Candidate
University of Florida
Quincy, Florida

Vitor Mercadante, Brahman Cattle Expert

Originally from Sao Paulo state, Brazil, Vitor R.G. Mercadante comes from a family with a strong agricultural history, and naturally became passionate and enthusiastic about agriculture, especially beef production. This passion led him to the Sao Paulo University, to obtain his Doctor of veterinary medicine degree. At this time he served as the director of beef production for student enterprise consulting on agricultural issues called, Conapec Jr. This experience allowed him to learn firsthand how important research is in solving everyday problems that beef producers encounter. After completing his degree in veterinary medicine, Vitor obtained his MS degree at the University of Florida under Dr. G. C. Lamb focusing on strategies to improve feed efficiency of beef cattle systems. This unique experience during graduate school gave Vitor the desire to further his studies in animal physiology and molecular biology, and he is expected to complete his PhD program in the summer of 2015.

TH15 IS IT: Junior Brahman Show Cattle Event

TH1S IS IT: Tammy Watts

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Tammy Watts

Manager Tic Tac Toe Ranch Frost Texas Tammie Watts, Brahman Cattle Expert Tammy Watts of Frost, Texas, is no stranger to the cattle industry. With a passion for agriculture, Tammy, a registered Brahman breeder, has a reputation for breeding and feeding some of the world’s leading Brahman cattle. Tammy was born and raised on the famous Tic Tac Toe and Watts Ranches. Her parents, Max and Shirley Watts, instilled in their three daughters a love for all livestock and strong principles of hard work and dedication. Tammy and the Watts family are known for producing the number one herd sire in the history of the American Brahman Breeders Association, +WR Mr Suva 203. For decades the Tic Tac Toe and Watts brands have been synonymous with exceptional quality and genetics that lead the Brahman breed in productivity and performance. In 2008, Tammy returned to the family ranches. Since that time she has devoted her expertise and extensive knowledge to managing the Tic Tac Toe cow herd and overseeing the ranch’s show cattle fitting operation. Tammy has prepared show cattle for clients across the United States and Latin America. Her expertise is not just limited to registered Brahman cattle; Tammy has represented clients in multiple breeds of cattle and the championships awarded at various levels of livestock competitions nationwide are limitless. If not at the ranch, Tammy can be found in the show ring, her love for exhibiting cattle and putting her clients in the winner’s circle defines a large part of her lifestyle and career.

TH15 IS IT: Junior Brahman Show Cattle Event

TH1S IS IT: Hannah Carter

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Hannah Carter

Associate Professor Director, Wedgeworth Leadership Institute Hannah CarterDr. Carter was born in raised in Maine and came to Florida with work experience in Maine’s Cooperative Extension Service. Dr. Carter was a graduate student in the first class of doctoral students in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication. While working on her doctorate in agricultural leadership, she also worked as the program coordinator for the Florida Leadership Program which was renamed the Wedgworth Leadership Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources. After graduating with her PhD in August of 2004, she became a faculty member in the department. Within this appointment, she is the Director of the Wedgworth Leadership Institute, in addition she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in leadership development and continues her research on leadership programming. She also conducts leadership workshops and presentation throughout Florida, and the nation, for various organizations and industries. Click here for full profile.

Brahman Heifers Have Many Advantages as Breeding Stock

Maternal cattle selection is the major focus point for us as producers of replacement females. We are a major supplier of Brahman heifers, with our females exhibiting superior maternal ability and to have a cow herd that will produce calves that will be adequate and performance oriented.

Brahman Heifers Well-known for Maternal Ability

Brahman heifers are known for their maternal ability, including their ability for producing calves with low birth weights and competitive average daily gain. Produced from genetically superior Brahmans, Brahman F1 heifers, therefore, combine the genetically desirable traits of both

parents. The Brahman F1 female is highly regarded by commercial cattlemen as a maternal machine with few peers. She has bred-in environment adaptability, increased milk production, higher fertility and the heat and disease resistance of her Brahman parent. She will wean a calf with more weight per day of age than her straight-bred contemporaries. And she will live longer, producing more pounds of calf over her life-time than others.

Brahman Heifers Enhance Your F1 Hybrid Breeding Program

Moreno Ranches has secured the foundation of their long running and very established registered Brahman herd with only the finest in quality and tops in terms of performance. The “M check” branded Brahman heifers are known for their femininity, fertility and strength in cow families. The resources spent to blend only the finest genetics to create some of the most predictable cow families is always the goal. The more predictable the product, the higher dividends and value for their customers. To see examples of Moreno Ranches Brahman heifers look here: To learn more about Moreno Ranches, please call us at 877-482-2382 or visit our contact page

Passing of Melvin Moreno I, of Moreno Ranches, Inc.

Melvin Moreno I , 1929-2014

With great sadness we inform that Melvin Moreno passed peacefully, surrounded by his family on December 20, 2014, at the age of 85. He is preceded in death by his loving wife, Herminia Izada de Moreno, who passed in 2011. He is survived by his sons, Melvin (Teresa) andMilton (Ircia), both of Miami, Florida; his grandchildren: YanietMoreno Santos, Dayana Moreno, Kelvin Moreno, Milton Moreno II, andMichael Moreno; and his great-grandchildren: Nicholas Santos Morenoand Evion Moreno.Melvin was born in Nuevitas, Camagüey, Cuba, where he grew up on the family agricultural enterprises, Casillas-Moreno and Ranchos Moreno. 

After marrying Herminia, he devoted his efforts to operating and growing a wide range of agricultural businesses. Forced by the political conflict in Cuba, Melvin and Herminia set their ambitions on a greater future for their family in the United States, where they moved to in 1996. He will always be remembered as a savvy businessman and family man, whose greatest passion was his love for
the cattle industry. He leaves us rich in memories and in love.

The Moreno family wishes to thank Dr. Javier Ricardo and Dr. Jose Guinil for their care.Services will be held at

Funeraria Memorial Plan Westchester

(9800 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33165)

on Sunday, December 21 from 7:00 p.m. to Midnight.

Internment to follow at

Naramata Cemetery

(6200 SW 77th Avenue, Miami, FL 33143)

on Monday, December 22 at 10:00 a.m. 

The family asks that flowers be sent directly to Funeraria Memorial
Plan Westchester. Cards and condolences may be sent to Moreno
Ranches, 17 Virginia Circle, Venus, FL 33960. 


Moreno Ms. Lady Reba 112 carrying the M check brand


Moreno Ms. Lady Reba 112

As a leading embryo transplant operation, Moreno Ranches routinely DNA tests upcoming donors in preparation for their future ET calves.  In one of our recent groups of samples sent in to be DNA typed, we received some quite surprising news on our very own Moreno Ms. Lady Reba 112.  While we had believed her sire to be #CIGSA Mr. 162/0, it turns out that Reba’s sire is actually the famed SRS Mr. Troubador 933.

Although we were surprised by this finding, we could not be more excited for Reba to carry on the impressive lineage of SRS Mr. Troubador 933.  We have had tremendous success using Troubador in our A.I. and embryo transplant programs, and Reba is yet another example of his profound impact within the Brahman breed.  Their accomplishments share many parallels, as both Reba and Troubador have been honored as National Grand Champions, International Reserve Grand Champions, and ABBA Show Cow/Bull of the Year.

Moreno Ranches is beyond blessed to have a female of the caliber of Moreno Ms. Lady Reba 112 carrying the M check brand. After recently producing her first natural calf, we cannot wait for Reba to enter embryo production in the coming months.  With a genetic foundation that includes SRS Mr. Troubador 933, one of the breed’s most accomplished red Brahman sires, we know that the potential of Moreno Ms. Lady Reba 112’s future offspring is truly limitless.