Cyber Monday was a huge success! Held on December 1st, 2014, this was Moreno Ranches’ first-ever “Cyber Monday” sale. More than that, it was the first-ever such sale for the Brahman cattle industry as a whole. The success of this kind of an event, of course, is not measured only in terms of the actual sales volume but in the forward-looking vision of the company. We at Moreno Ranches believe in the synergy of technology and agriculture, and are always looking for ways to combine tradition and the new. Our ‘Cyber Monday’ program was a true experiment for the Brahman industry. It is not universally appreciated that “ag” has become very high-tech. But the truth is you cannot survive in the industry today without adopting modern tools and techniques. One example of this is the very blog that you’re reading now! Our innovative website is second to none in the Brahman industry, showcasing our commitment to be the best Brahman cattle breeder in all of the United States. To further express that spirit, we thought hosting a Cyber Monday sale would reflect our techie and innovative status in the Brahman cattle industry.

Customers are the Winners

In the end, our commitment to superior Brahman pedigrees and some good old-fashioned Cyber Monday promotion was a winning combination for our customers, who got some great deals on some of the breed’s finest genetics. We set aside a limited number of “first come, first served” opportunities to purchase Brahman frozen embryos and Brahman semen. All prices were fixed, not auction. We also used our special build your own embryos, with some of the top donors in the business. The program was particularly popular among parents of Brahman Juniors, as our superior genetics often result in prize-winning Brahman bulls and heifers at the many shows. While this was a unique and limited-time opportunity, Moreno Ranches may build on the success of this event with a repeat of it next year. Stay tuned! You can always read about what’s new at Moreno Ranches here: To learn more about Moreno Ranches, please call us at 877-482-2382 or visit our contact page