Summer is nearly here in Florida, and with it the infamous hot, humid Florida heat. You can turn on the air-conditioning in your home and in your truck; it’s about the only thing that makes life tolerable here in Florida, and elsewhere in the southern U.S., about half the year. But the cattle in the fields don’t have access to this luxury. And if they can’t take the heat, they will suffer, and so in turn could your profits.

Enter the Brahman Breed: Known for its Heat Resistance

The Brahman cattle for sale at Moreno Ranches are noted for their capacity to stand the Brahman Cattle for Saleheat, and additionally their insect-resistance. With the origins of the breed in India, it’s not surprising the American Brahman cattle are also heat resistance. The fact that insects do not bother them the way that they do some of the European cattle breeds is an added bonus.

And with some great breeding, you can get Brahman cattle that are top milk producers and/or great for beef. Our genetically pure Brahman cattle are often used as “seed stock” for this reason: to get Brahman heat- and insect-resistance into a hybrid or F1.

Below we review some facts about the breed, to give you the information you need to decide if our Brahman cattle for sale are a good fit for your ranch, whether it is in Florida, or farther afield; our cattle go to Texas (also hot), and out of the country, to Central America (even hotter).

Brahman Cattle for Sale That Won’t Wilt in the Heat

From the very beginning, the Brahmans were designed to be a heat -tolerant breed. Their genetic roots include a cattle variety from India, a country with a notably hot climate. Years of careful cross-breeding at Moreno’s Florida ranch have yielded a line of Brahman cattle for sale that build upon that tolerance for hot weather, resulting in a line with superior and well-tested genetics in this character of the cattle. Along with heat typically comes insect pests, which can seriously impact cattle’s growth. Insect-resistance is also part of the Brahman’s heritage, and this trait was also selected for in our breeding program. The result is a line of Brahman cattle for sale that is superior in both regards.

All That, And Great Feed Efficiency Too

The good news doesn’t stop; our Brahman cattle for sale excel in other areas as well. A carefully managed breeding program has resulted in a strain of Brahman cattle that exhibit superior feed efficiency. At high and low temperatures, higher efficiency means quicker weight gain. The bottom line is cattle that reach sale weight with less feed generate better profits.

You can beat the heat: turn on your air conditioner, and turn on to the Brahman breed, known for its heat resistance.

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