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Tammy Watts

Manager Tic Tac Toe Ranch Frost Texas Tammie Watts, Brahman Cattle Expert Tammy Watts of Frost, Texas, is no stranger to the cattle industry. With a passion for agriculture, Tammy, a registered Brahman breeder, has a reputation for breeding and feeding some of the world’s leading Brahman cattle. Tammy was born and raised on the famous Tic Tac Toe and Watts Ranches. Her parents, Max and Shirley Watts, instilled in their three daughters a love for all livestock and strong principles of hard work and dedication. Tammy and the Watts family are known for producing the number one herd sire in the history of the American Brahman Breeders Association, +WR Mr Suva 203. For decades the Tic Tac Toe and Watts brands have been synonymous with exceptional quality and genetics that lead the Brahman breed in productivity and performance. In 2008, Tammy returned to the family ranches. Since that time she has devoted her expertise and extensive knowledge to managing the Tic Tac Toe cow herd and overseeing the ranch’s show cattle fitting operation. Tammy has prepared show cattle for clients across the United States and Latin America. Her expertise is not just limited to registered Brahman cattle; Tammy has represented clients in multiple breeds of cattle and the championships awarded at various levels of livestock competitions nationwide are limitless. If not at the ranch, Tammy can be found in the show ring, her love for exhibiting cattle and putting her clients in the winner’s circle defines a large part of her lifestyle and career.