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At Moreno Ranches, we believe in the future. Part of that future is superior genetics and the constant improvement of the Brahman cattle breed through sophisticated animal husbandry technology. Technology is part of that future, a passion for the Brahman breed is part of that future, and so are our youth. As such, we’d like to introduce one of our new international interns, Angel Gonzalez.

Angel Gonzalez (Guatemala) – 2022 International Intern

On October 12, 1999, Angel Miguel Gonzalez Morales was born in Asuncion Mita, Jutiapa, Guatemala. He is the eldest of two children. He is currently studying the last quarter of his bachelor’s degree in agronomy at the Panamerican Agricultural School of Zamorano.

His parents are involved in cattle raising, which provides the family’s economic livelihood.Originally from a rural community, it was difficult for him to access secondary and higher education, but thanks to his efforts and the support of his parents, he studied a technical degree in agronomy at an institution in eastern Guatemala, where he developed an interest and passion for agronomy and livestock farming.

From a very young age, Angel Miguel became involved in the activities of the family livestock business and, together with his father, developed empirical skills for working with cattle, which he later reinforced with the technical knowledge acquired during his high school and university studies.

Being in a rugged area with adverse weather conditions, the family farm is not as productive and generates little income but was enough to allow Angel and his brother to go to university. Both have been able to pursue their studies, thanks to the great efforts made by their parents. Angel Miguel Gonzalez will be the first member of the family to obtain a university degree and, therefore, is aware of the trust placed in him by his parents.

Angel has made an effort to excel academically and disciplinarily, in addition to demonstrating the values and professionalism that are the fundamental pillars of his alma mater. He stands out for his excellent personal relationships, being recognized by his professors and colleagues. Once graduated and practicing his profession, Angel Miguel has the desire to help his family economically, since they have always struggled with great efforts to get ahead and have placed great trust in him.

Angel Miguel has been related to many colleagues in college who have been interns at Moreno Ranches, so he researched about the company. After listening and researching about the experiences, activities and knowledge acquired, Angel was determined to apply for the internship program offered by Moreno Ranches. He is passionate about working and learning about Brahman cattle management and will use this knowledge and experience in his professional life. Now that his internship at Moreno Ranches has been approved, Angel Miguel Gonzalez is excited and motivated about the experience ahead and is willing to do his best to make the most of the learning opportunities, knowing that he will perform satisfactorily in the activities assigned to him.

Angel’s Goals:

  • Expand Moreno Ranches franchise so that more people in Guatemala and Central America can have access to Moreno Ranches Genetics in a more practical way
  • Tame and present the best cow or bull in the world owned by Moreno Ranches at the Houston Texas Fair.
  • Create an innovative concentrate based on corn waste to help in the current drought crisis.

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