Moreno Ranches strives to use the tools and techniques of the 21st century to promote the Brahman breed in every way possible. This includes having Brahman cattle for sale online. This is the rationale for our first-ever “12 Days of Christmas” online sale, which runs from Dec 13th to Dec 24th. The “12 days” are for previews of the heifers heifers which culminates in an on-line auction on the 24th, Christmas Eve.

Request a Catalog and/or Visit the Ranch

Brahman Cattle for Sale OnlineWhile our Web presence and electronic catalog allow you to “virtually” visit the ranch and preview the offerings for the auction, we realize that not everyone is comfortable with this new-fangled concept of a purely online auction. If you are more of a traditionalist, then we invite you visit the ranch for a tour! If you’re nearby, plan a ranch visit to preview the 12 heifers that will be auctioned on the 24th, and get an exclusive tour of our facilities and our stock. We are always happy to accommodate visitors; just let us know that you are on the way. Though the “12 days” event is all about Brahman cattle for sale online, we started off and will always remain a working ranch that you can visit anytime. We promise that the heifers will not be wearing fake reindeer antlers. If you’ve spent time with Brahman, you know that they value their dignity.

Brahman Cattle For Sale: Details of the “12 Days of Christmas” Event

Please click “Get VIP Access” to enter your email to pre-register and gain insider access to the sale. This allows you to obtain the sales catalog which gives exclusive, full details about the Brahman cattle for sale online (all heifers) offered for in this sales event.

The innovative feature in this sales event is that it extends across a nearly two-week period. This is designed for the convenience of our customers, to accommodate their schedule as what we know is a busy time of year. This gives you ample time to contemplate the many virtues of the fine heifers featured in the catalog.

If you are a successful bidder, and purchase one (or take two, they’re small!) of the heifers, please note that we will be offering free transportation of sale cattle to central locations in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Florida. Sorry, gift wrapping not available.