No one is a bigger supporter of programs for the next generation of Brahman cattlemen and cattlewomen than Moreno Ranches. We are proud proponent of programs for Brahman Juniors, such as the Heartland Classic Show, which we sponsored last December, which was the “2nd annual”, the first having been back in December 2013. Just as in the first year, last year’s event was a rousing success. Based on that track record we think it is a safe bet that the 3rd annual Heartland Classic Show scheduled for December 4th and 5th will also meet and exceed expectations all around.

The Heartland Classic 2014: An Innovative Show For Brahman Juniors

Last year nearly sixty Brahman Junior showmen, some 1st-time doing a Brahman Bullsshowing ever, exhibited over one hundred head of cattle. This kind of experience is hard to find elsewhere. The innovative Heartland Classic bridges a gap between the traditional county fair and the big-time Junior Brahman Shows such as the American Junior Brahman Association All American National Show. The hope is to bring Juniors together in a fun, supportive, learning environment to showcase their Brahman Show Heifers and Bulls, and prepares them for advancement in the Brahman culture, up to point where they can have Brahman cattle for sale.

Brahman Cattle for Sale: Investing in the Future

As was true last year, the two-day event will be held the first weekend in December, the 4th and 5th this year, at Moreno Ranches in Venus, Florida. The schedule of events, in addition to the Junior show itself, will include a ranch tour, an educational series on cattle reproduction and genetics, a prospect steer show, a commercial Brahman heifer show, a Brahman female show, and a Brahman bull show. Our commitment at Moreno Ranches is to the future, and that includes youth. This show is not as much about winning as about educating young people on the cattle industry, and the Brahman breed in particular.

To learn more about the Heartland Classic, including last year’s show results, please visit our website to view our heartland classic cattle.   There, in addition to information on the show for Brahman Juniors, one can browse the Moreno Ranches website and learn about their superior genetics and Brahman cattle.

If you have any further questions about the upcoming shows, or are interested in our Brahman cattle for sale, you can find out more about our operations.

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