The red Brahman show cattle for sale from Moreno Ranches have nabbed a very nice validation as to their inborn quality in the form of one of the cohort (Rufus) receiving the Grand Champion red bull prize at the 2016 Houston Livestock Show. Red Brahman Cattle for Sale have refined the genetics of our herd–every one’s a winner!

A tremendous honor, and while trying not to let this go too much to our heads, it was not a knock-your-socks-off surprise, as we knew going into the show that we were bringing a superior animal to the competition. It is this same confidence that lets us say that any red Brahman show cattle that we offer for sale is one that you will not regret owning. Years of meticulous work in selection and crossing
Red Brahman Show Cattle For Sale: Quality Right Down to the Bone

The adage has it that beauty is only skin deep, but our red Brahman show cattle for sale flip that bromide on its back: they’re gorgeous right down to their bones. That they look good cannot be doubted. The mess of ribbons we’ve won at the spring shows in Miami and Houston (read more about that here) verifies that these red Brahman show cattle for sale look the part. And while we here at Moreno Ranches are certainly proud of these results, our real success comes from years of careful breeding that ensure our cattle not only look good, but have superior genetics. Ultimately this is the value-added proposition that Moreno Ranches offers in its red Brahman show cattle for sale.

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