Moreno Ranches has just completed a Spring round of shows, in Miami and Houston, and Veracruz down in Mexico, taking our gray Brahman cattle for sale on some pretty long trips. The shows were a success by all measures, but we are writing today to let you know that the pipeline is still full, and there are yet more gray Brahman show cattle for sale if you are in the market. These are award-winning bloodlines, which you can read more about at the Moreno Ranches Web site, here. And not to humble-brag too much, but we’re proud of our performance at the competitions, particularly our

Gray Brahman Show Cattle For Sale

Gray Brahman Show Cattle For Sale

Juniors. Way to go!

Gray Brahman Show Cattle For Sale: Operators are Standing By!

As seen on TV? That will be the day! The Brahman breed is popular, but hasn’t reached into the mass consumer market. Still, pot-bellied pigs were popular for a while, how about Brahman calves? Hmm, think probably not. For the time being, we have restricted the advertising of our gray Brahman show cattle for sale to trade publications, online and Brahman-related Web sites, and this blog. And also word of mouth. When you have a solid product as we do with our genetically superior stock, we do find that our gray Brahman show cattle for sale rather much “fly off the shelves,” as one satisfied customer can create two more customers. And that is truly the motto we live by, customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in our gray Brahman show cattle for sale, you can find out more about our operations by visiting:

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