Brahman cows become great replacement females because of the following reasons. First, they have excellent maternal characteristics as well as adaptability to various types of environments. Brahman CowsWhen selecting Brahman cows as replacement females, Moreno Ranches has created selection standards to ensure the greatest outcome based on its proven genetics. Second, Brahman cows tend to have an early puberty age, which makes for a great economic return. Fertility is a critical factor when considering a Brahman cow as a replacement female because it is a low heritability trait, meaning each Brahman cow has to make its own way and prove its worth. Third, there are various physical aspects of Brahman cows that make successful replacement females, such as structural soundness, muscle thickness, frame size, and fleshing ability. Fourth, perhaps one of the most important traits from Brahman cows is disposition or temperament. This tends to be a transmissible hereditary trait, making Brahman cows either easy or difficult to handle. In summary, Brahman cows bred under the Mcheck brand are acclaimed for their docility and ability to transmit these valuable traits to their offspring. We take pride in our Brahman cows and their breed leading maternal ability.