Statement on Brahman Cattle for Export

Moreno Ranches has leadership as a sales leader in Texas and Florida and seeks to cross borders and continue distributing Brahman genetics around the world. It is an honor for Moreno Ranches to provide quality and thus contribute to the socioeconomic development of the livestock industry in all of the countries where Mcheck genetics are present.

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Meet Our New Intern – José Barrera

Editor’s Note:

We at Moreno Ranches believe in the future. Part of that future is superior genetics and the constant improvement of the Brahman cattle breed through sophisticated animal husbandry technology. Technology is part of that future, a passion for the Brahman breed is part of that future, and so are our youth. As such, we’d like to introduce one of our new interns, José Barrera:

José Barrera, 2019 International Intern

José Javier Barrera was born in the department of Huehuetenango, Guatemala located in the northwestern region of the country and bordering on the north and west with Mexico. It is rich in customs, traditions, and has incredible landscapes. His father and grandfather instilled in him an undeniable love and passion for cattle and for managing cattle breeding and crosses of Nelore and Brahman cattle. As he developed, José acquired skills to manage livestock in different situations through fast and efficient problem solving.

One of the main reasons José decided to go to Zamorano, in addition to it being one of the most prestigious universities known for its excellence in agronomy, was the opportunity to help his family by continuing to develop his knowledge and skills, and applying what he learned. In the future, he hopes to use his skills to optimize resources and to obtain better results through improved management. Since childhood, his dream has always been to study agronomy and a close friend informed him of Zamorano and the quality education the university provides. He has represented the university on several occasions, such as in the National Downhill Championship of Honduras, where he was honored as national champion in his category in 2017.

For José, it is an honor to be part of the international internship program at Moreno Ranches. He believes the internship will meet all his expectations for learning more about livestock production using technology. He promises to take advantage of his stay at Moreno Ranches and is very excited about how much he will learn during this time.


Personal Mission Statement

My mission is to take advantage of every learning opportunity during the internship, putting in a positive attitude so that I may have better job opportunities and be able to apply all knowledge acquired to future job opportunities.



  • Learn about the characteristics and symptoms of a cow in heat and be able to detect at least 25 cows in heat through visual characteristics only
  • Attend a dystocic birth in order to save at least 3 calves
  • Acquire knowledge about the different ways to apply a medication in different form to at least 3 cattle: 3 intramuscular, 3 intravenous and 3 subcutaneous

Meet Our New Intern – Alejandro Bonilla

Editor’s Note:

We at Moreno Ranches believe in the future. Part of that future is superior genetics and the constant improvement of the Brahman cattle breed through sophisticated animal husbandry technology. Technology is part of that future, a passion for the Brahman breed is part of that future, and so are our youth. As such, we’d like to introduce one of our new interns, Alejandro Bonilla:

Alejandro Bonilla, 2019 International Intern

Juvenal “Alejandro” Bonilla was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, which is located in the eastern part of the country. His love for agronomy began with his father, who studied agronomy as well. His father encouraged him to participate in different activities in the field, such as technical tours, fairs, and field days.

His love for beef cattle began at a young age, largely because the department in which he lives is one of the largest producers of beef in the country. It was for this reason that he decided to study agronomy at Zamorano University. Alejandro is a student who has also excelled in sports, and enjoyed practicing soccer and swimming. He decided to learn boxing, and after two years, he became a national champion in boxing.

Alejandro wants to prepare for a career that will help him grow professionally while acquiring skills in new technologies, and at the same time he wants to be able to help his family.

He chose an internship at Moreno Ranches because it offered opportunities to learn a wide variety of new techniques and opportunities to learn the implementation of new technologies. He believes that the Moreno Ranches’ internship will expand his knowledge of Brahman cattle reproduction, cattle handling techniques, and selection of seed stock Brahman cattle—and give him further opportunity to apply what he has learned in college. He said he is ready to take on the challenge.


Personal Mission Statement 

Try to learn as much as possible during the Internship and focus on the different protocols in animal reproduction, calves taming, embryo transfer processes, and the diverse techniques to detect cattle pregnancy.



  • Identify which of the two Moreno Ranches (Florida or Texas) got a better gain weight and the reasons that might explain this difference
  • Learn to identify the calf parameters needed to participate in cattle shows
  • Help at least in three dystocic births during the internship

Meet Our New Intern – José Bolaños

Editor’s Note:

We at Moreno Ranches believe in the future. Part of that future is superior genetics and the constant improvement of the Brahman cattle breed through sophisticated animal husbandry technology. Technology is part of that future, a passion for the Brahman breed is part of that future, and so are our youth. As such, we’d like to introduce one of our new interns, José Bolaños:

José Bolaños, 2019 International Intern

José Eduardo Bolaños Wong was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The country is known as the eternal spring because its climate conditions allow flowers to bloom all year round.

His father comes from a long line of agronomers, while his mother comes from a Chinese-Guatemalan household. He has had an affinity for agronomy since childhood, and this interest pushed him to enroll in the University of Zamorano. He would make trips back and forth to his family’s farm where they grew crops intended for sale in greenhouses. In high school Jose was known for being active all the time and was involved in many extracurricular activities, such as motocross, orchestra, equestrian show jumping and aviation, earning his aeronautical license. He was often described as full of life, energetic and ready to take on any task at hand.

When it came time to choose a university, he was worried about being stuck in a classroom all day listening to lectures about agriculture, but not being involved with the real-world experiences. Then he discovered that at the University of Zamorano, students attend lectures for half of the day and work in the field for the other half. The decision to attend this university was a no brainer. In the University he was also involved with many extracurricular activities including the equestrian club, the soils club and the band.

His love for Brahman cattle developed when he became more involved with cattle management. He was mesmerized by their size and strength and the fact that they were quite docile. This breed is very popular in Guatemala for their adaptability to the extreme tropical climate, the heat, as well as their fertility. He decided to pursue his love for the breed by attending the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo two years in a row, traveling all the way from Central America to attend.

At the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, he met Kelvin Moreno and learned more about Moreno Ranches. He was immediately hooked on red Brahman and decided that he wanted to own the breed and make a living out of it. He then decided to learn from one of the leading red Brahman producer with 5-year consecutive winners among the top red Brahman breeders. He is beyond excited to start this new journey and feels blessed having been given the chance to learn as much as he can about the breed.


Personal Mission Statement

At the end of the internship, I will have the confidence to establish my own ranch and become a major seed stock producer in Central America.



  • Learn all the processes of insemination
  • Be able to exhibit showmanship in a show
  • By the end of the Internship, have sold some straws (semen sale)

Meet Our New Intern – Erick Quevedo

Editor’s Note:

We at Moreno Ranches believe in the future. Part of that future is superior genetics and the constant improvement of the Brahman cattle breed through sophisticated animal husbandry technology. Technology is part of that future, a passion for the Brahman breed is part of that future, and so are our youth. As such, we’d like to introduce one of our new interns, Erick Quevedo:

Erick Quevedo, 2019 International Intern

Erick Quevedo was born in LaGomera, Escuintla, a state located on the south coast of Guatemala. Its coast is bathed by the Pacific Ocean and holds the majority of the country’s tourist attractions. It is a privileged area because it has a climate suitable for tropical crop development and raising cattle.

Erick is the older of two brothers. He describes himself as having a high level of confidence in what he wants in the future. Since childhood, he has been attracted to agriculture and cattle management. Erick has experience in fruit and cattle export, having lived in LaGomera.

He completed his academic studies in that state up to the ninth grade. He was heavily influenced by the agricultural environment of the region and the focus given by his parents on the commercialization of agricultural inputs and veterinary products.

Erick decided to enroll at the Zamorano University after having a secondary education with emphasis in agriculture and livestock. As his college life went on, he formed a desire for further learning and a dedication to a higher level of cattle production. This is why he decided to apply to the Moreno Ranches internship—to better understand the reproductive process, as it is not similar to what he has seen back home.

When Erick first learned about Moreno Ranches, he had no doubt that this was the ideal place for him because it let him learn hands-on in the field and put into practice the knowledge acquired at Zamorano. Now that he has arrived at Moreno Ranches, he truly believes it is the ideal place to further his knowledge of cattle management. Being part of this elite, worldwide company will continue to foster his desire to excel.


Personal Mission Statement

I would like to establish a cattle farm and manage it with the efficient use of raw material, time, and environmentally friendly and economically sustainable technology and procedures. Certification will be included and will be the basis of management.



  • Evaluate all the parameters of nutrition to increase the rate of pregnancy in the process of embryo transfer in Brahman cattle.
  • Have a rate of 60% or more in pregnancy using artificial insemination in less than two minutes.
  • Attend five or more dystocic births and have less than 20% of mortality.
Brahman Cattle

Moreno Ranches 12 Days of Christmas Sale a HUGE Success!

22 lots of elite Brahman heifers and bulls – 20 heifers averaged $14,038 and 2 bulls averaged $10,000. These Brahman calves sold to buyers in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Mexico.

At Moreno Ranches, we are so excited about the future and what it has in store for our great genetic partners and the beef industry. One of the sale highlights was Lot 15, a Rufus daughter, that sold for $42,500 and will become a leading donor for one of our great partners in Mexico.

Mr. Fontenot 333, who the industry knows as “Rufus,” has revolutionized the red Brahman breed. Not only was he a many time show winner, including being named the 2016 International Champion, but offers a lot of value to Brahman breeders. He is an extremely sound structured sire that has an ideal look and adds growth, bone and muscle to his offspring. Rufus has produced numerous show ring winners for us over the past year, including the Champion Bull at the Florida Junior Brahman Show, and high sellers, including the high selling lot in our All American Sale. In addition to his ideal build, he offers an outcross pedigree to many of today’s bloodlines and ranks in the top of the breed for growth and milk, only further adding to his value as an impact sire. As a result of his superiority and demand by breeders domestically and internationally, “Rufus” was the #1 Red Bull for Registrations in the ABBA over the past year. As you can tell from our show string and sale offerings, we believe in “Rufus” and know that he will continue to play a significant role in our program for years to come.

Mcheck genetics are at an all time high… Contact us today to get your very own Mcheck calf!


About Moreno Ranches

Moreno Ranches is a top producer of Brahman cattle for sale. Customers come to the company for genetically superior Brahman bulls for sale and Brahman semen (seed stock) as well as Brahman embryos. The company produces both Brahman heifers and calves for sale, including for use as show cattle or to produce Brahman F1 hybrids. Visit the company’s website to browse stock. The company is a trusted source of Brahman cattle whether a buyer is in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Latin America, or anywhere in the world.


Tel. 863-444-8745

A Global Breed

Why Brahman cattle?

Moreno Ranches, a leader in the Brahman seedstock business, continues to expand their global reach. Recently, Moreno Ranches, has had two shipments of live cattle shipped out of their Texas Division to Thailand.

American Brahman are cattle that dominate the beef production markets in many parts of the world. This is due to Brahman cattle having the ability to adapt to harsh and challenging environments – the green of the tropics are ingrained in the Brahman cow. She will not tire in adverse conditions and will resist to parasites and insects like no other cow in the world.


About Moreno Ranches

Moreno Ranches is a top producer of Brahman cattle for sale. Customers come to the company for genetically superior Brahman bulls for sale and Brahman semen (seed stock) as well as Brahman embryos. The company produces both Brahman heifers and calves for sale, including for use as show cattle or to produce Brahman F1 hybrids. Visit the company’s website to browse stock. The company is a trusted source of Brahman cattle whether a buyer is in Florida, Texas, or Louisiana – Latin America, or anywhere in the world.


Tel. 863.444.8745

Why Brahman Cattle?

Brahman cattle are known as one of the superior breeds in the cattle industry thanks to the many attributes and qualities they have shown through history. Their great ability of adaptation and many other advantages allow Brahman cattle to be so successful in tropical and sub-tropical climates. Brahman cattle were originally brought from India and are intermediate to large in size among beef breeds found in the United States. Bulls will generally weigh from 1600 to 2200 pounds and cows from 1000 to 1400 pounds in average condition.

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Why Use Moreno Ranches’ Brahman bulls?

At Moreno Ranches, we have some of the best award winning and performance oriented Brahman bulls, and offer genetic products of interest in the cattle industry. Brahman bulls at Moreno Ranches have superior genetics in the Brahman cattle industry. The genetic products of our Brahman bulls include Brahman semen and embryos that are fertilized with the best Brahman bull semen in the industry. Moreno Ranches is a top producer of Brahman cattle that continues to showcase its leadership using the latest technology in the Brahman cattle industry.

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Brahman Cattle for Sale Texas

Heat Tolerant in Texas? Yes, That’s What Brahman Cattle are Great For!

Moreno Ranches, a top producer of Brahman cattle throughout the United Sates, provides heat tolerant Brahman cattle for sale in Texas. (Texas has even been ranked as the hottest place in the United States, though with a Florida cattle ranch as well, we’re not so sure). These genetically superior calves are not only calm in disposition, but are able to withstand the hot summer temperatures in Texas. Since its early beginnings, Moreno Ranches has welcomed the challenge of producing the best quality Brahman genetics ever seen, both red and gray Brahman calves in Texas. We have purebred Brahman herds, also useful in the breeding of heat tolerant Brahman F1 hybrids.

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Brahman Cattle Breeder in Texas and Florida

Leading Brahman Cattle Ranch, Moreno Ranches Announces Catalog Availability for the Upcoming All American Summer IV Sale

Frost, Texas – June 29, 2018. Moreno Ranches, the leading provider of Brahman cattle for sale in Florida and Texas at, is pleased to announce availability of the catalog for the All American Summer IV Sale in Perry, Georgia on July 5, 2018. Interested parties can download a digital catalog or submit a request for a hard copy at or by calling 863-444-8745.

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Moreno Ranches, a Leading Brahman Cattle Ranch in both Florida and Texas, Announces the Upcoming All American Summer IV Brahman Cattle Sale

Perry, Georgia – June 28, 2018. Moreno Ranches is pleased to announce the All American Summer IV Sale in Perry, Georgia on July 5, 2018. The Brahman cattle sale is a much-anticipated event in the Brahman cattle industry, with Brahman bulls and heifers for sale. A stunning, full-color catalog can be downloaded in PDF format at the ranch website, or requested in print format.

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Moreno Ranches Announces Participation in Fort Worth Stock Show, Showcasing its Fine Brahman Cattle, Heifers and Bulls in Texas

Fort Worth, Texas – February 15, 2018. Moreno Ranches, a top producer of Gray and Red Brahman cattle for sale, is pleased to announce its successful attendance at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, which was held January 12th to February 3rd. Moreno Ranches showcased some of its finest Brahman Cattle for sale, exhibiting heifers and bulls backed by the M-check brand.

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Moreno Ranches, a Top Producer of Brahman Heifers and Calves, Announces Procedures for Ranch Tours at its New Texas Division Beginning in 2018

Frost, Texas – December 21, 2017. As one of the top producers of Brahman heifers and Brahman calves, Brahman semen and embryos in the United States, Moreno Ranches will open its new Texas Division to visitors interested in viewing its Brahman cattle for sale beginning in January 2018.  The new Texas Division is located at the Tic Tac Toe Ranch in Frost, Texas; and visits to view some of our finest Brahman show calves may be scheduled by calling Tammie Watts at (903) 654-8076 or Moreno Headquarters at (863) 444-8745.

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Brahman Cattle

Leading Producer of Brahman Cattle for Sale in Texas, Moreno Ranches Announces Ranch Visit Opportunities

Frost, Texas, – December 20, 2017. Moreno Ranches, a top producer of Brahman cattle for sale in Texas and throughout the United States, is proud to announce the availability of Ranch visitations at their newly acquired Texas ranch. With ranches in both Texas and Florida, Moreno Ranches now offers two unique locations for persons passionate about Brahman cattle to view cattle “in person” and discuss purchase opportunities.

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Red Brahman Cattle Sale

Moreno Ranches Announces Brahman Semen Sale for Spring Breeding Season

Venus, Florida – May 11, 2017. With the spring breeding season in full swing, Moreno Ranches, known as one of the top Brahman cattle breeding operations in the United States, is proud to announce a Brahman semen sale. Those passionate about the Brahman breed can avail themselves of this opportunity to improve the genetics of their cattle.

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Moreno Ranches Announces New Opportunities to Purchase Superior Brahman Embryos

Venus, Florida – May 9, 2017. Moreno Ranches, a leading producer of Brahman cattle in Florida and throughout the United States, is proud to announce new opportunities for Brahman embryos for sale during the peak spring breeding season. Many cattle ranchers look for quality genetic products such as Brahman embryos to improve herd quality during the early spring and summer months.

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You Find the Best Brahman Bulls at Moreno Ranches

Editor’s Note. We’re proud of our interns here at Moreno Ranches; accordingly, we’ll be featuring a few blog posts written by our interns, young enthusiasts for the Brahman breed!

Moreno Ranches is a leading producer of Brahman bulls in the State of Florida and throughout the United States. Our Brahman bulls have been the result of dedicated effort by six generations of Moreno ranchers.

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The Best Brahman Cattle is at Moreno Ranches

Editor’s Note. We’re proud of our interns here at Moreno Ranches; accordingly, we’ll be featuring a few blog posts written by our interns, young enthusiasts for the Brahman breed!

Brahman cattle are undoubtedly the breed that can tolerate high temperatures, which is why it is the ideal breed for hot and humid regions of the world. The reproductive efficiency of Brahman cattle is what every herder wants, as it can be done in a short time and with good weight.

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Brahman Cattle

Brahman Show Cattle Are Looking Fine and Are For Sale at Moreno Ranches

There is a catchy phrase that architects use: form follows function. Lovely alliteration there (try saying it five times fast though). The idea is pretty simple, the shape and layout of something that gets built has to match the purpose for which it was constructed. The closer the two are aligned, the better the result. But Brahman show cattle are not buildings, so why bring this up?

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Brahman Cattle for Sale

Meet Our New Intern – Yolibeth Munguia Vasquez

Editor’s Note:
We’re always excited at Moreno Ranches to work with our new interns. Yolibeth comes to us from Honduras, where she is studying at the Pan American Agricultural School, Zamorano. She brings a passion to the Brahman Cattle industry, and we’re excited to have her work here at Moreno Ranches as we showcase our superior genetics technology for Brahman cattle.

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Brahman Embryos

James Anderson, Our New Intern and His Interests in Brahman Cattle

Editor’s Note. James Anderson comes to us from Siguatepeque, Comayagua, Honduras. If there’s one thing that James is passionate about it’s learning. We’re excited to get the opportunity to help James learn about Brahman Cattle, as one of the top Brahman Cattle Ranches in the United States. Growing the friendship between people here in the USA and our friends in Honduras is also awfully exciting.

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Brahman Bulls for Sale

New Intern – Carlos Alberto Rendon Alvarado

Editor’s Note. Our new intern, Carlos Alberto Rendon Alvarado, hails from San Pedro Sula, Honduras and brings a passion for agriculture, specifically Brahman cattle, to the Ranch. We’re proud and eager to welcome here to our team. Young people interested in agriculture, especially cattle, and especially Brahman cattle – well, these are our passion!  Welcome, Carlos!

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New Intern – Rurick Jose Barberena Gonzalez

Editor’s Note: We’re excited to welcome Rurick Jose Barberena Gonzalez as a new intern to our program for Brahman Cattle interns and Juniors. We’re always eager to engage with, and support, young people with an interest in the Brahman Cattle industry. So, without further ado, here’s his statement of enthusiasm for Brahman cattle and the cattle industry.

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Brahman Semen for Sale and Export

Brahman Semen for Sale: International Shipping Enables Any Ranch in the Americas To Benefit from Our Superior Genetics

“Buy local”? Not when the vitality of your Brahman herd is at stake! Buy the best that you possibly can when shopping for Brahman semen for sale. And getting Moreno Ranches Brahman semen via online ordering makes it so trivially easy, that there is really no excuse for “making do” with an inferior local product.

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Brahman Bulls for Sale

Brahman Bulls for Sale At Both Online and In-Person Sales Events

Summer is over, Fall is most decidedly here (notice that little hurricane we had pass by?) This is among the busiest times of the year here at Moreno Ranches, as we are gearing up for a series of three sales events. We will be showcasing some of our award-winning Brahman bulls for sale, but the sales will also feature other Brahman cattle, including Brahman semen and genetic products of interest to the cattle industry.

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progeny of 557

Brahman Cattle in Texas: The More the Merrier

There’s lot that Texans have to be proud of, as they are the largest state (sorry Alaska, a deep-frozen territory with no cattle is just not on my radar), and can claim all sorts of biggest-of and best-of crowns. And they are justly proud of their long heritage of cattle husbandry, from the old days of free-range drives of long-horns up to the present-day scientifically managed ranch operations.

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progeny of 557

Future-Proof Your Herd in a Warmer World With Our Heat-Tolerant Brahman Cattle For Sale

Moreno Ranches has plenty of Brahman cattle for sale, which would behoove you to consider purchasing, as their heat-tolerance would serve you well in a warming climate. That business with the world warming has been the subject of a lot of controversy and argumentation, but is best considered by breaking it down into two questions. First the easy question: Is it getting warmer? It is really no secret that the climate is getting warmer.

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Raising Champion Brahman Bulls at Moreno Ranches: an Intern’s Experience

Editor’s Note: As part of our outreach program, we have asked our “Brahman Junior” interns to post a personal experience blog. We asked them about their experience working with Brahman Show Cattle and how to raise a Champion. Our interns share how the importance of genetics combined with training can create a winning Brahman. This is a response.

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Moreno Ranches Reminds Cattle Buyers to be Smart Consumers: Only Buy Registered Brahman Heifers Cattle for Sale

Editor’s Note: As part of the Brahman Juniors blog series, we’ve asked our wonderful interns about what they are learning here at Moreno Ranches. This time, we posed the question, “Why do you believe it is better to purchase a registered Brahman heifer as opposed to a non-registered one?” Below is a response from one of our interns.

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Best Brahman Bull DNA Brought To You By Moreno Ranches

Editor’s Note: We’ve asked our current interns to give their perspective about the process of raising Brahman bulls and what they are learning about breeding for the best genetics in a herd.

While interning at Moreno Ranches, here in Venus, Florida, I’ve learned that to improve a herd’s genetics, Brahman bulls are an essential element. Moreno Ranches emphasizes the improvement of both cows and bulls because they know this can make the difference.

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Brahman Branding Efforts Needed To Protect Future Markets for the Brahman Breed

Let us start with the clarification that we want to discuss Brahman branding as in “marketing” and not “irons in the fire” kind of branding that involves cowboys and the smell of seared cattle hide. We do think it is an fascinating topic, and you may be interested to know that there is evidence of cattle-branding going back over 5000 years, but… You have wandered into the wrong blog! Please Google again for what you’re after.

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Brahman Bulls for SaLE

An Intern’s Routine at Moreno Ranches: Learning about the Brahman Cattle Industry

Editor’s Note: as part of our support for Brahman Juniors, Moreno Ranches is privileged to have a few interns around the Ranch this summer. As part of their education, the Interns are “making the rounds” and learning about the low tech and the high tech of superior genetics and Brahman cattle. To that end, we asked them to journalize their experience at the Ranch. Here’s a timely excerpt – 

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Brahman Cattle for Export to Mexico

Intern’s Blog: We’re a Purebred Breeder of American Brahman Cattle

Editor’s Note. As part of our internship program, we encourage our interns to blog about their perspectives on the Brahman cattle industry, including future trends.

Moreno Ranches is one of the top breeders of American Brahman Cattle. The Ranch is always busy, making improvements in its genetics program and constantly striving to provide national and international customers with the excellence they have come to expect.

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Future-Proof Your Herd With Our Brahman Cattle For Sale – However the Climate Changes

The verdict is in from the number-crunchers at NASA and NOAA: 2015 hottest year on record worldwide, and the 2nd hottest ever in the USA. And not just by a little, by a pretty big margin over 2014, which was the previous hottest year ever. When a professor starts tossing around words like ‘smashed’ you know this is not business as normal.

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Moreno Ranches Brahman Cattle For Sale: Can’t Have Too Much of a Good Thing

Now that the new year has come, you’ve got to make a plan for 2016: How are you going to build on your strengths to make this year even better than 2015? With the help of Moreno Ranches, this can be a great year to improve your herd. With a reputation for quality that makes us a top producer of Brahman cattle for sale, we can come to terms on both live animals and genetic products. Tell us what you need, and we’ll see what we have available that will work for you. Don’t let post-holiday lethargy get the best of you; start a conversation with us today!

Brahman Cattle For Sale: Same Great Genetics as Last Year

Brahman Cattle For SaleWe are definitely not doing a “clearance sale.” In case there was any question in your mind, our Brahman cattle have the same great genetics as what we were offering in 2015. In fact, we are so confident of the quality embodied in each and every Brahman cattle for sale that they are all backed by the M-check brand, a guarantee of the parentage of the animal, which is verified by DNA testing so there can be no room for error. The quality genetics Moreno Ranches has become famous for is remains the same: heat tolerance, rapid calf weight gain, insect and disease resistance. These animals are the complete package!

Use our online website, and browse some of our categories online –

If you are interested in our Brahman cattle for sale, you can find out more about our operations by visiting us online, or call in and ask for a ranch tour. Ranch tours are a great way to see Moreno Ranches in action. As Florida’s top cattle breeder of quality Brahman cattle, we are proud to “show off” our ranch to interested parties.  Because we are a busy, active ranch, we limit our tours to people who are actively involved in agriculture or in the Brahman cattle industry – from student groups to business people to ranchers. If you, or your family, are visiting Florida and looking for a ranch to visit, please contact us. We are serious about Brahman cattle, and love the opportunity to “talk cattle” with other serious parties – business people, academics, or agricultural students or Juniors.

To learn more about Moreno Ranches, please call us at 877-482-2382 or visit our contact page

Meet Our New Intern: Juan Jose Guillen, the Future of the Brahman Cattle Industry

Editor’s Note:

We at Moreno Ranches believe in the future. Part of that future is superior genetics, and the constant improvement in the Brahman cattle breed through sophisticated animal husbandry technology. Technology is part of that future, a passion for the Brahman breed is part of that future, and so are our youth. We’d like to introduce Juan Jose Guillen, in his own words:

“My name is Juan Jose Guillen. I was born on September 20, 1993 in Choluteca, Honduras. I am a quiet person who likes to be sociable and friendly with people. I have two younger brothers. My parents are from Honduras, where my father is a farmer and my mother is a dentist, but currently she is the mayor of my town. My family is very involved in agriculture. Since I was a kid, my dad taught me everything about the field.  I have grown up in the field and it is there that my passion for agriculture began. Jose Guillen, Future of the Brahman Cattle IndustryMy father has been working with livestock for many years.. That is probably the reason why I am interested in working in the same field. Because of my interest in continuing to learn about agriculture, I applied to an agricultural university in Honduras. Currently,  I am a senior majoring in Agricultural Engineering.  My university supports learning by doing, so I work in different areas such as agriculture and livestock, as well as industrial meat processing plants and industrial dairy products. I have no problem with working in agriculture or in an environment related to animals because I grew up in a field environment. I quite like the fieldwork and livestock management. I am currently doing my internship in the United States. I decided on the United States because it has great advancements in genetics as well as cattle reproduction.  Thanks to Moreno Ranches, doors have been opened for me to learn more about breeding beef cattle. They have taught me about different methods of breeding and how to use Cattlemax, a cattle management software.  Well, this is a great experience that will help me in the future because the cattle sector is developing worldwide.

Meet Our New Intern: Carlos Andres Garnica Vargas, the Future of the Brahman Cattle Industry

Editor’s Note:

We at Moreno Ranches believe in the future. Part of that future is superior genetics, and the constant improvement in the Brahman cattle breed through sophisticated animal husbandry technology. Technology is part of that future, a passion for the Brahman breed is part of that future, and so are our youth. We’d like to introduce Carlos Andres Garnica Vargas, in his own words:

“My name is Carlos Andres Garnica Varga. I am twenty-one years old. I was born in Los Amates Izabal, Guatemala on June 10, 1994. In addition to my parents, I have two younger brothers. I lived in Los Amates Izabal until I was two years old and then my parents moved to Guatemala City. I was raised in the city, but spent a lot of time in the country fields of Izabal, too. My dad’s business has always been the land–for forestry, agriculture, and beef cattle breeding. As a child, I spent most Mondays to Fridays in the city, but on many weekends and most of my vacations mBrahman Junior - Vargasy dad took our family to the ranch to work with cattle and to work in the cyclical business of cutting the trees and then selling the wood and then reforesting.

I like to practice sports such as boxing, riding mountain bike, wakeboarding, and playing water polo; but my biggest passion in life is the same as my dad and grandfather: harvesting the land and creating the highest crop production possible. I also like working with livestock. I went to school in the city from kindergarten until I was fifteen years old. Then I started studying agriculture and animal sciences at the National Central Agricultural School (ENCA, in Spanish), located about eleven miles from Guatemala City, to get my Agronomist degree at medium level. After I graduated as an agronomist at ENCA, I continued my college education at the Panamerican Agricultural University, Zamorano, located at Honduras. It’s a four-year program that includes a learning-by-doing component, which ENCA also had. The program consists of a series of working modules that all students must complete and demonstrate competency. I’m actually in my fourth year of the program and I’m doing my internship in the United States of America, with one of the world’s top American Brahman Cattle Breeders, Moreno Ranches, Inc., in Florida. I’m very glad that the Ranch extended this magnificent opportunity to me to learn more about Brahman cattle breeding, and I’m sure that it’s going to be an experience that will expand my knowledge and help me to have my own cattle ranch in my native country in the near future.

Brahman Cattle for Sale

Moreno Ranches 2nd Annual “Denim and Diamonds” Event is a Houston, Texas, Party with Brahman Cattle For Sale, Too

Moreno Ranches, a top producer of Gray and Red Brahman cattle for sale, invites you to the 2nd annual Denim and Diamonds
sales event, on March 3rd, 2016 in Houston, Texas. If you are interested, please contact us to request a catalog in order to have time to review the sale offerings.

Our Denim & Diamonds sales event will be our 2nd annual event of this theme.

Denim and Diamonds Brahman Cattle SaleWe think of it as, “A little bit country, a little bit sparkly.” The denim of course is for the men, and (rather more expensive) diamonds for the women. This sale is happening in conjunction with the activities of the ABBA International Show and Sale, which draws people from all over the United States, not to mention the rest of the world. Since you will probably be there if you’re the kind of person who would be reading this blog, we absolutely insist that you stop by to say “hi.” This is a great social occasion, a chance to mingle and meet. No sales pressure!

All Types of Brahman Cattle Are Coming to Texas

Of course we will have assembled what we feel is a very interesting selection of females from the Moreno Ranches program, and will have these Brahman cattle for sale. In this sale offering you will find only the finest genetics ever created, which we back up with the M check brand. We look forward to your reviewing several of these genetic packages at the ABBA International Show. As always the team at Moreno Ranches takes great pride in the development and marketing of the American Brahman cattle. We welcome any and all inquiries. Unfortunately, Moreno Ranches cannot accept payment on our Brahman cattle for sale in the form of diamonds, so please bring the more traditional payment methods along in case you nab a heifer!

To learn more about the “Denim and Diamonds” sale, please visit and click on the red link at the top of the page. Interested parties can learn about Red and Gray Brahman heifers, bulls and other cattle that will be sold at the Houston, Texas event, as well as Brahman semen and Brahman embryo opportunities.

Some Words about the ABBA Event

The American Brahman Breeders Association international show is the “go-to” event for the Brahman industry and draws participants from throughout the United States and other countries. As a top Florida breeder of Brahman cattle, Moreno Ranches is excited by the opportunity to extend its brand not only through the international Brahman show, but by having the opportunity for the “Denim and Diamonds” sale to occur in Houston, Texas where we can showcase Moreno Ranches Brahman cattle to new buyers and interested parties.

Brahman Cattle

Brahman Cattle Sales: Get Online and Click for Cattle

On the one hand, using online tools to find Brahman cattle sales is so easy that it feels like cheating. Type a few keywords into some search engine’s entry box (not naming names, but it starts with ‘G’ and rhymes with ‘bugle’), click, click, click, and soon you’re on your way to find nearly anything.  At the same time, it might be good to take a step back and consider if there are alternative strategies that might be worth trying in addition. Especially in the Brahman cattle industry, we should be aware of the importance of a thorough search to find the best Brahman Cattle sales.

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Cross-Breeding Our Brahman Cattle Yields Great F1 Offspring

The team at Moreno Ranches has a long-standing commitment to using innovative modern breeding techniques to produce the highest-quality purebred Brahman cattle pedigrees. We understand that the value of our Brahman cattle comes from careful attention to the purebred genetics. Because of this you can count on the performance, fertility and superior beef production when cross-breeding with our cattle to produce Brahman F1 offspring in your own hybrid breeding program. Why Select Moreno Ranch Cattle for Your Brahman F1 Hybrid Breeding?

Red Brahman x Red Angus

Cross-breeding with Moreno Ranches Brahman cattle consistently yields superior F-1 offspring. The reason is that our cattle have a purebred pedigree, which translates to reliable performance. Historically, the breed developed under conditions of inadequate food supplies, presence of insects, pests, parasites, diseases, and a harsh tropical climate. This caused the ancestors of Brahman cattle to develop with remarkable adaptations for survival. These genetics, further developed in the United States, give the Brahman breed a distinct reputation for remarkable adaptations. The result is that Brahman F1 cattle have proven they will excel in terms of performance and milk production in harsh and challenging conditions.

Brahman Purebred Cattle for F1 Hybrid Production

Don’t be one of the commercial breeders that never reap the benefits that purebred genetics can offer to their operation. The long-standing Brahman genetics program at Moreno Ranches allows progressive breeders and ranchers to tap into what proven genetics have to offer in terms of performance and profit. You can learn more about F-1 breeding with Moreno Ranches Brahman cattle here To learn more about Moreno Ranches, please call us at 877-482-2382 or visit our contact page

Red and Grey Brahman Cattle

Top Feed Efficiency of Our Brahman Cattle Means More Weight with Less Feed

Cattle producers have a lot of choices these days, when they choose which cattle to buy.  There are many breeds, like Angus, that originated in Europe and are known as “beef cattle.”  But the Brahman breed brings both high feed efficiency and heat resistance to the equation, plus they tend to be more docile than Angus.

Feed Efficiency Trait Leader

If you have never raised Brahman cattle before, let’s take a moment and discuss feed efficiency and feed conversion as compared to all other beef breeds.  The Brahman F-1 female is the reigning “Queen” by cattlemen for numerous reasons. The Moreno Ranches females have a purebred pedigree which ensures environmental adaptability, superior milk production volume, higher fertility and the heat and disease resistance of her Brahman parent. She will wean a calf with more weight per day of age than her straight-bred contemporaries. And she will live longer, producing more pounds of calf over her lifetime than others.

The use and influence of Moreno Ranches purebred Brahman bulls have proven to be very successful around the United States and in Central America. The results have and continue to be very positive for their quality and performance minded cattleman.

Feed Efficiency of our Brahman Cattle

If feed efficiency and feed conversion is important to you––and it should be––then have a look at Moreno Ranches Brahman cattle, and you will find they compare favorably to other breeds. Cattle that eat less to reach sale weight save money. If you are interested in learning more about Brahman cattle, one of the best things to do is to call us for a Brahman ranch tour.  For anyone new to the industry (including Juniors or even overseas breeders), that’s a great way to see with your own eyes the beauty and efficiency of the Brahman cattle breed.

To learn more about Moreno Ranches, please call us at 877-482-2382 or visit our contact page

Make the Smart Choice: Here’s Why You Should Buy American Brahman Cattle

+-GS MS Mulhim Manso 314, Donor Dam

American Brahman cattle, rank #1 in hybrid vigor, and due to long-standing commitment to careful selective breeding, Moreno Ranches Brahman cattle are your best seed stock for your own hybrid breeding program. In the cattle world, maximum hybrid vigor is obtained by crossing totally unrelated animals, achieving the “best of both worlds”. Because the American Brahman are of the Bos indicus species, they naturally produce an exceptional first cross with other breeds of European or British origin of the species Bos taurus.    

Performance That Holds Up to a Challenge

The Brahman cross F-1 cattle are adaptable, and can thrive in less-than-ideal conditions. Performance metrics such as weight gain and milk production are less impacted than for other breeds even in challenging conditions. Other beneficial factors include superior feeding efficiency, heat, insect and parasite tolerance, and longevity. Many of the Southern states like Florida, Texas or Louisiana prefer the Brahman breed for Brahman F1 Hybrids due to these characteristics.

American Brahman Cattle: Your Best Choice for Export

Moreno Ranches also sells many American Brahman cattle in South and Central America. They are in high demand from some of the most progressive purebred and commercial cattleman. It is has been documented and is a known fact that the crossbreeding programs designed to create a dual-cross has resulted in huge dividends for their customers. Whether your need is for export of livestock or Brahman semen and Brahman embryos, we can work with you for your international trade needs. Find out more about how you can purchase American Brahman cattle products here: To learn more about Moreno Ranches, please call us at 877-482-2382 or visit our contact page

Brahman Cattle

FYBBA and Moreno Ranches Join Forces to Promote Brahman Juniors and the Brahman Industry

We recently alerted you to the formation of a new organization for supporters of Brahman Juniors in the Brahman cattle breeding community: Florida Youth Brahman Boosters Association (or Brahman Juniors: New FYBBA OrganizationFYBBA). Moreno Ranches, as a supporter of youth and education in our industry, naturally took a keen interest in this group’s mission.  

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Docility and Brahman Cattle: Breeding ‘Quiet’ Brahman Cattle for Sale – Some Thoughts

Genetics and the science of breeding have fascinated human beings for a long time. The first “caveman” who domesticated a dog, probably chose that dog from among the wolves, choosing an animal that had a “new gene” for docility. Everyone knows that the relationship between dog and man has been one of the most successful in evolution. Similarly too is the relationship between humans and cattle: breeds are bred for their characteristics. Brahman Cattle, for example, are well-known for their heat-resistance and their ability to be cross-bred to make F1s with many great characteristics for beef. We at Moreno Ranches are passionate about superior genetics. One of our proven herd sires here at Moreno Ranches,  +Mr. 3X He’s Got The Look 40/2, was recently ranked among the top 20 in the Brahman breed for docility.

Brahman Cattle and Breeding in ‘Quiet’ Docility

One of the newer ideas in cattle breeding is docility. Breeding Brahman cattle as it were, not just for their heat resistance or superior beef qualities, but for their personalities. It is well-known that the breed is already one of the more gentle.  There are many, many photos of children next to the cattle, something that one might not see with the Angus breed, for example.  A November, 2010, study by the American Angus Assocation, for example, goes very in-depth to measure the docility of cattle, with a six-point scoring system.  “1” being the most docile, and “6” being the most aggressive.  According to the study –

Cattle behavior has been documented to influence economically important traits. Researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) have studied cattle temperament as related to beef cattle production systems, handling facilities and carcass end product. Data from the Iowa Tri-County Steer Carcass Brahman Docility - Quiet Brahman Cattle for SaleFuturity (TCSCF) reflects a difference of $62.19 per head in net dollars returned between the most docile category vs. the most aggressive category of cattle evaluated. Quality grade was also greatly enhanced in the more docile cattle, with double the percentage of carcasses grading USDA Prime and premium Choice.

You can read the full study, here.

Moreno Ranches: Superior Genetics & Brahman Docility

In the recent ABBA trait leader report, one of our senior herd sires ranked among the top twenty in the breed for docility: +MR 3X. (Read it here). Here’s a little about him. Mr 3X He’s Got The Look 40/2 is the past ’95 National Champion bull that won every show he was ever shown in. 40/2 is a legendary bull that has produced so many great ones over the years. Many of the distinguished Brahman breeders would say he is one of the most influential bulls from the 1990’s. Currently one of his sons, LB Mr Derringer Manso 953/3, is being used in Locke Brother Red Brahman program and is widely influencing the breed in Australia as well.

Breeding Docile, Quiet Brahman Cattle

What this might mean for the Brahman Cattle industry is that we have a ‘natural advantage’ in breeding Brahman cattle for docility.  Breeding ‘Quiet Brahman Cattle’ might seem a bit touchy-feely, but the economics of the attribute speak for themselves. What do you think?

Reviews and Testimonials about Moreno Ranches: Thank You!

Next to our passion for Brahman Cattle, we have a passion for our customers. We want to grow Moreno Ranches, and as we grow support the Brahman Cattle industry, everything from Juniors just starting out to savvy established ranchers raising their own Brahman cattle or hybrids.  We want to send a profound “thank you” to some of our recent reviews and testimonials.  Here are just a few –

“Kelvin Moreno and Moreno Ranches run a first class operation. Their attention to every detail has made all of our experiences with them a pleasure.”
-Stacey Panero, Indiantown, Florida

Moreno Ranches Reviews“I’ve known Mr. Moreno for two years and in this short time, he has taught me many things about the commercial and purebred Brahman industries. He is the head of our Jr. Brahman Association and time after time has gone out of his way to help not only myself, but also many of his juniors. If it wasn’t for his help, myself as well as a few of the other juniors, would not have had the opportunity to have gone to the national show in Lufkin, Texas. I know that any time I need advice on my cattle herd, Mr. Moreno is the first person I will call!”
-Cole Newman, Lake Wales, Florida

“As a veterinarian, I can testify to the quality of cattle Moreno Ranches is putting in the Brahman marketplace. I have found the breeding quality is superior as well as the temperament and the bloodlines of the cattle they select to be magnificent. It is like they are bred to know what to do. They do well at sale, at shows and at home; “Dorito” [1,800 pound big red bull] is part of our family. Kylie is only 75 pounds and ten years old, but can handle “Dorito” without a problem. Because of that, she enjoys showing and wants to stay involved. Kelvin is very supportive of the youth in the cattle industry as whole and has a genuine interest in seeing the youth succeed.”
-Wendy Perra, Labelle, Florida

To learn more about Moreno Ranches, please give us a call. We’re happy to conduct a Brahman Cattle Ranch tour to qualified parties.

Brahman Cattle Breeding and Low Stress Techniques

We at Moreno Ranches are always striving to be the best breeder of Brahman cattle in the United States, if not the World. Like all goals, the importance is not necessarily in “achieving” the goal, but in the striving for it. One of the more novel aspects of genetics and breeding is the “personality” of the cattle themselves. Every cattle rancher wants Brahman cattle that are easy to handle, with docility being an attribute in the cattle to strive for.  Here, as believers in superior genetics, we recognize the proverbial debate between “nature” and “nurture.”  By “nature,” we try to select Brahman cattle for breeding with superior genetics as measured by docility; by “nurture,” we strive to have cattle handling and best management practices to encourage the desired behaviors.

Cattle Handling and the Disposition of Brahman Cattle

Brahman Cattle and DocilityOur cattle herdsmen spend a lot of their time with the cattle, and their goal is to “train in” the right kinds of characteristics. By having a systematic management system for the cattle, and the kinds of tried-and-true techniques, we handle our cattle in as quiet a manner as possible. Our stress-reduction tactics intend to give the cattle the kind of environment or “nurture” where their “nature” as gentle giants can be expressed. We are eager to discuss cattle disposition with potential buyers, and with anyone interested in breeding superior Brahman cattle.  We are also eager to discuss the genetics of “breeding in” docility as a desired trait.

Herman Detering and Low-Stress Brahman Cattle Handling

Among the more famous practitioners to whom we look for inspiration is Herman Detering. He is famous for “low stress” cattle handling and techniques.


Kelvin Moreno

Excellence in Florida Agriculture Goes to Kelvin Moreno

We use our blog here at Moreno Ranches to inform the community about what’s going on, in and around Moreno Ranches and of course the Brahman Cattle industry. So when this news came across the desk, we were justifiably proud. Here’s an excerpt –


Kelvin MorenoKelvin Moreno of Dade County Farm Bureau was named the winner of Florida Farm Bureau’s Excellence in Agriculture competition. This competition is open to farmers and ranchers between the ages of 18 and 35 who do not derive the majority of their income from an owned farm operation.

The winner was announced during the President’s Awards Banquet at Florida Farm Bureau’s 2014 Annual Meeting in Ponte Vedra Beach on Oct. 29. Finalists in the competition also included Tamara Wood of Pasco County and Kevin Wright of Suwannee County.

Contestants were judged on the basis of their involvement in agriculture, leadership ability, participation in Farm Bureau and community service. In addition to other prizes, Moreno received an expense-paid trip to the American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting in San Diego Jan. 11-14, where he will compete in the national awards program.


You can learn more about the Dade County Farm Bureau here.

Brahman Cattle for Sale & Cyber Monday: Moreno Ranch Innovations

We at Moreno Ranches pride ourselves on innovation. We work hard to be the best breeders of Brahman cattle for sale, not only in Florida, not only in Texas, but in the whole United States. Moreover, while we live and breathe “ag,” we realize that (contrary to popular opinion, “ag” is very high tech). Our superior genetics and top-ranked Brahman heifers and Brahman bulls prove that fact: superior genetics is a way of life, here at Moreno Ranches.

Our First-Ever Cyber Monday Sale on Brahman Cattle & Related Products

Cyber Monday and Brahman CattleIn that spirit, we are doing something very techie and very innovative in the Brahman cattle industry: announcing our first-ever “Cyber Monday” sale. Cyber Monday, in case you didn’t know, is the first Monday after Thanksgiving, a day devoted to online commerce. The term made its debut on November 28, 2005, in a press release entitled “‘Cyber Monday Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year”. In 2013, Cyber Monday online sales grew by 20.6% over the previous year, hitting a record $2.29 billion. (Source: Wikipedia, In that spirit, we want to combine our superior genetics commitment with some good old-fashioned Cyber Monday promotion.

How Our Cyber Monday Sale on Brahman Cattle Works

We are setting aside a limited number of “first come, first served” opportunities to purchase from Moreno Ranches. All prices are fixed, not auction. Here are some items we’ll have on sale for Cyber Monday –

  • Frozen embryos in Moreno proven matings.
  • Brahman semen on elite herd sires and flushes.
  • Special build your own embryos, with some of the top donors in the business.

Registered Brahman Cattle for SaleIf you are a parent with a youngster interested in the cattle business, or you are a grown-up with a passion for Brahman cattle and superior genetics, get ready to avail yourself of our first-ever Cyber Monday sale on Brahman cattle products. For pre-details, call us at 305-218-1238. Stay tuned for more announcements as we move closer to Cyber Monday.