Summer is over, Fall is most decidedly here (notice that little hurricane we had pass by?) This is among the busiest times of the year here at Moreno Ranches, as we are gearing up for a series of three sales events. We will be showcasing some of our award-winning Brahman bulls for sale, but the sales will also feature other Brahman cattle, including Brahman semen and genetic products of interest to the cattle industry.Brahman Bulls for Sale

Let’s run down our sales coming up this fall.

  • November 28th Cyber Monday Sale III
  • Dec 2nd – 4th Annual Heartland Classic Junior Show, Venus, FL
  • Dec 13th – 24th “12 Days of Christmas” Online Sale

The first and third events are online-only. The Junior show will be held at our own ranch in Venus, Florida. All of these events are great opportunities to see our superior genetics, especially our Brahman bulls. Then, you can either buy a bull or we can help you
with the breeding directly.

Brahman Bulls for Sale: Check Them Out, Snap Them Up

The rise in online sales proceeds naturally from the catalog sales of an earlier era. Making transportation arrangements can be time-consuming and the costs non-trivial, not to mention the opportunity costs of traveling when there’s work to be done back at home. We understand that here at Moreno Ranches, and are 100% committed to being the leading source of Brahman bulls for sale online, recognizing that our customers time is valuable to them.

The Efficiency of Online Previews of Sales are Hard to Overstate

Persons interested in the November Cyber Monday sale, for example, can go online right now and browse available Brahman bulls for sale This can inform their decision as to whether to return for bidding at the time of the sale, call the ranch for more detailed information, or even decide that a fact-finding trip out to Moreno Ranches is in order (which of course we would be happy to accommodate). The online world has its advantages, and Moreno Ranches is a leading producer in this area.

Look for more details about the sales closer to the start date of each.

If you are interested in our Brahman bulls for sale, you can find out more about our operations by visiting:

To learn more about Moreno Ranches, please call us at 877-482-2382 or visit our contact page