Moreno Ranches has leadership as a sales leader in Texas and Florida and seeks to cross borders and continue distributing Brahman genetics around the world. It is an honor for Moreno Ranches to provide quality and thus contribute to the socioeconomic development of the livestock industry in all of the countries where Mcheck genetics are present.

“We know the great potential of our genetics, we know our animals and their offspring, and we know how much they can contribute to the development and improvement of genetics in other parts of the world,” expressed Kelvin Moreno, head of Moreno Ranches. The United States is the leader in pure Brahman genetics and our desire at Moreno ranches is to now expand all of these benefits around the world.”Brahman Cattle for Export

The Brahman breed of cattle now common in North America is originally from India. Moreno Ranches, a leading provider of Brahman cattle in Florida and Texas, has set a goal to bring all of the benefits of the Brahman breed to different parts of the world where they are most needed by the environmental conditions of each area. The Brahman race has advanced in a surprising way that allows it to express its qualities completely. One of the most important traits is adaptability to different climates, especially in the tropics where other cattle breeds have difficulty. The export of genetics in live cattle, semen, and embryos have come to improve the worldwide herds, from neighboring countries of the United States, to countries across the globe, such as Thailand. The ranches that seek the genetics of Moreno Ranches are people who want to make a real breakthrough in their livestock, as they have realized the advantages that our livestock offers and seek to improve the breed in their countries.

Today, many countries have opened their borders for the import of live cattle. Previously, the United States did not have the opportunity to export livestock to many places due to different requirements and protocols that other countries required. For example, rigorous testing and quarantine procedures to prevent diseases from entering new countries. Now, many countries aim to increase the import and export of live cattle to contribute to the development of the livestock industry and achieve a great step forward by improving their Brahman genetics.

For Moreno Ranches, distributing Brahman genetics worldwide has been one of its main objectives. We know very well the potential that the Brahman breed has, and we know how much it can help with the development and economics of the livestock sector in other countries. If you’re interested in Brahman cattle for export, including Brahman genetic products such as semen and/or embryos, reach out to Moreno Ranches, today.