Brahman heifers have many characteristics that make them desirable in the market. To begin with, Brahman Heifers are animals with a very docile behavior, making them perfect to be presented in cattle shows and to show the best physical characteristics with which the Brahman Heifers count. Brahman Heifers have a very good adaptation to different climates throughout the world that favor them and make them stand out among other breeds of cattle. The Brahman Heifers of Moreno Ranches are top producers thanks to the genetics that have been improved over the past 200 years since the beginning of the Mcheck brand.Brahman Heifers

“Brahman heifers have excellent physical characteristics that help their early adaptation to both warm climates and temperate climates,” states Kelvin Moreno. “One of the most visible characteristics is the amount of surface area they have; this allows them to have a better regulation of their body temperature, and develops all of the characteristics for which Brahman Heifers are preferred among Brahman connoisseurs.”