Moreno Ranches, a top producer of Red Brahman cattle throughout the United Sates, provides the finest polled Brahman cattle in Texas.You can now acquire these impressive animals that are not only gentle, but have been modified for better handling and preparation. According to Mr. Kelvin Moreno, “Polled Brahman cattle provide many benefits that a horned animal does not.” Animals that are naturally polled eliminate the need for the dehorning process, saving valuable time and effort. To learn more about the ranch, visit There, interested persons can send a message to request a Ranch visit.Polled Brahman Cattle for Sale in Texas

The Ranch has two divisions for you to visit one being in Venus, Florida and the other in Frost, Texas. In fact, we’re known as THE place to find Brahman cattle for sale in Texas, so if you’re anywhere near Frost, Texas, stop in for a Ranch tour.

Why Polled Brahman Cattle?

Polled cattle have become increasingly popular due to their lack of horns. These animals have a higher monetary value as well and save the step of having to dehorn the animal. It has taken time to develop superior polled genetics, but many of the polled Brahman cattle today rival the quality of their horned counterparts. As their quality has increased, so has their popularity. This has created a demand that exceeds the current supply. Moreno Ranches is proud to offer the very finest polled cattle in the Brahman Breed. For more information, contact [email protected].