We at Moreno Ranches are always striving to be the best breeder of Brahman cattle in the United States, if not the World. Like all goals, the importance is not necessarily in “achieving” the goal, but in the striving for it. One of the more novel aspects of genetics and breeding is the “personality” of the cattle themselves. Every cattle rancher wants Brahman cattle that are easy to handle, with docility being an attribute in the cattle to strive for.  Here, as believers in superior genetics, we recognize the proverbial debate between “nature” and “nurture.”  By “nature,” we try to select Brahman cattle for breeding with superior genetics as measured by docility; by “nurture,” we strive to have cattle handling and best management practices to encourage the desired behaviors.

Cattle Handling and the Disposition of Brahman Cattle

Brahman Cattle and DocilityOur cattle herdsmen spend a lot of their time with the cattle, and their goal is to “train in” the right kinds of characteristics. By having a systematic management system for the cattle, and the kinds of tried-and-true techniques, we handle our cattle in as quiet a manner as possible. Our stress-reduction tactics intend to give the cattle the kind of environment or “nurture” where their “nature” as gentle giants can be expressed. We are eager to discuss cattle disposition with potential buyers, and with anyone interested in breeding superior Brahman cattle.  We are also eager to discuss the genetics of “breeding in” docility as a desired trait.

Herman Detering and Low-Stress Brahman Cattle Handling

Among the more famous practitioners to whom we look for inspiration is Herman Detering. He is famous for “low stress” cattle handling and techniques.