Editor’s Note: We’re excited to welcome Rurick Jose Barberena Gonzalez as a new intern to our program for Brahman Cattle interns and Juniors. We’re always eager to engage with, and support, young people with an interest in the Brahman Cattle industry. So, without further ado, here’s his statement of enthusiasm for Brahman cattle and the cattle industry.

Brahman Cattle Intern, Rurick - Venus, FloridaRurick Jose Barberena Gonzalez

My name is Rurick Jose Barberena Gonzalez. My hometown is Juigalpa-Chontales, a small city in Nicaragua. Since I was a boy, I always loved visiting the family farm. My parents are both doctors. My mom was born on the family farm, where my grandparents taught her cooking and washing clothes, how to drive a truck and milk a cow. My mom passed these skills down to me, as well as the love and passion she had for the family farm and I enjoyed the times my parents took me to the family farm on weekends. On my family’s farm, on we raise cattle for meat production.

I decided after high school to leave my home country in Nicaragua to attend university in Honduras. I started my first year of university at Zamorano University in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in January 2014.

I am pursing a degree in Agronomic Engineering. My studies include classes in plant science as well as animal science. Zamorano University emphasizes “learning by doing,” meaning the majority of my classes involve hands-on learning as part of the curriculum. I will be able to apply these skills to my future career. By participating in an internship at Moreno Ranches, I will be learning about the Brahman cattle industry in Florida, which is important in Latin America and in other Southern USA states due to the cattle’s resiliency vis-a-vis hot weather and insect pests.

As part of my studies, Zamorano University requires students to complete internship in a field of interest. This is why I applied for the Moreno Ranches Professional Practice internship. Moreno Ranches is the leading producer of Brahman cattle and genetics in the world.

At the conclusion of my internship, I will return to my university to finish my studies. After completing my degree, and while seeking work, I will continue to work with my family’s farm to improve practices and cattle genetics. My internship with Moreno ranches will help me gain knowledge about the cattle industry that I will be able to use in my future endeavors.